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        Followed David’s guide to write a new ABOUT page. Appreciate you letting me know what you think.


        I was stuck at the Intermediate Spanish Level! And could find no good verb study materials.

        Google “learn Spanish verbs” and you will see our problem.

        Here is what you will find:

        Videos presenting verbs– We like videos and even recommend some. Google likes videos. They have become very cheap and easy to make. Great to “study Spanish verbs” but not to learn. Why not? NO PRACTICE just study.

        Lists of Verbs– Great to know which verbs are used most in Spanish. But again, no practice.

        Conjugations– Once again “study about the verb” and eventually you will get it. Sorry that never worked for me. I need the correct word on the tip of my tongue not on a list.

        I’ll teach you how I learned verbs (for $300)! – Sorry, I wouldn’t even pay $10 unless I knew it would work for me.

        So I built my own. If you want to see if it can work for you take a trial here. (Or other call to action.)

        Started learning Spanish when I was 8 in Panama and saw the positive reaction. Dropped it in college for the same reasons most of us do. Worked in Switzerland for 6 months to improve my German. Could communicate well but only to beginner/intermediate German level. Taught my native language English in Japan for 15 years and even developed a best selling language software. (add a picture of my wife) Married a wonderful Venezuelan lady who spoke almost no English. Worked in Costa Rica for 3 years. Now we are both at the intermediate level. We developed our own Spanglish but unfortunately others don’t always understand. I knew verbs were a big problem for both she and I. But I felt like there was more.

        My Philosophy:

        If you want to find out what is really stopping you, just move forward!”

        If people really knew what was really stopping them, they would already be doing something about it. If you simply start moving forward the ugly truth of what is really stopping you will show it’s head.
        What is stopping you in Spanish is unique. But is there something that you, I, my wife and all those caught in the intermediate trap have in common? I decided to find out.

        Asking the right question?

        We did lots of surveys, interviews and research trying to find out why people become stuck in the intermediate level. But none of the answers were coming up with a workable solution. It occurred to me we might be asking the wrong question. What was the right question?
        I know from experience the most difficult thing to see was something that was not there. So I asked myself, “What do advanced Spanish speakers see or know that I and other intermediate speakers don’t?”

        That question got some answers we could do something with.

        What do advanced Spanish speakers have that intermediate speakers don’t?

        First, they have more vocabulary. But there were a lot of words in Spanish they did not know. And they often encountered accents and regional Spanish that they could not understand but can still maintain fluency. This brought us to the second big thing that advanced Spanish speakers have that intermediate speakers don’t have.

        Advanced Spanish speakers have a developed and practiced Strategy to smoothly or fluently work around or master Spanish they don’t know.

        This gave us something we believe could really help the intermediate Spanish learner.

        What does?

        1. Just the practice YOU need for the most used verbs. You will hear and understand Spanish verbs 100% correctly and at native speaker speed. We don’t slow down the Spanish. We speed up your listening. With our unique proven system: Not too much practice so you become bored. Or too little so that you forget the verb.

        2. Strategic Spanish with the verb. This is the strategic vocabulary you need to develop smooth or fluent work arounds to master the Spanish you don’t know.

        It is not easy to master a foreign language. If you want easy, look elsewhere. It takes breaking old habits, time, resources, hard work and learning new systems like ours or others so that you can achieve the level you want in Spanish.

        If you are ready to find out what is really stopping you in Spanish, we might have some of the answers.

        Call to action.

        • July 10, 2020 at 5:13 am #2522296

          It is a little long-winded. And it feels a little disjointed to me, for some reason. Like, why the focus on verbs? Why talk about a survey you ran, say that everybody’s issue with Spanish is unique, then focus just on verbs?

          I also think it would be better to evaluate this text on the actual page it will be on, this way we can see the formatting, images, bullets, everything. Because that’s all a big part of what makes the page work. Right now, it feels like a really long read, but some of that could be because you’re posting it to this forum with no formatting like it would show on your site.

          • July 10, 2020 at 5:13 am #2522420

            Thanks for your feedback. Will give it a rework. Mark

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