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      • March 20, 2023 at 10:56 am #3542381

        Hey there,

        New here and new to blogging. Haven´t actually started my blog yet. Still thinking about it and deciding on a first niche and which course to follow.
        Basically I know nothing about internet business or international business. Have a small one man company which is service based and a market is also small country where I live in (Estonia).

        Have a couple of questions.

        1. Does the BlogMarketing Academy courses includes some topics about legal stuff? Like legal pages and what laws and regulations to be aware of?
        2. What are the legal things that I need to be aware of if targeting markets/products in different countries? I understand that at the beginning there is probably not much to consider as my first attempt might not even take off. But this is kind of the biggest questions for me right now what legal things are important (my country/target market country?) to learn. I know about taxes and privacy laws and disclaimers and things like that, but is there something more to consider if for example I base my blog company out of Estonia and target EU or US or UK or Nordic countries and so on? I understand it is maybe not the first most important thing to think of when starting my first blog, but I would like to be aware of things what might come down the road. I am not really sure if I want to target my local market in the local language or not, because it is a really small country.

        • March 20, 2023 at 10:56 am #3542906

          No, I don’t include anything about legal stuff because that isn’t my area of expertise.

          That said – and I will preface this by saying I am not a legal expert and am giving you my opinion – … don’t worry about it. 🙂 If you are selling digital products or an online service of some kind, then there is no taxes and nothing for you to spend time thinking about. The only time you’d need to think about those issues is if you are shipping physical products to other countries.

          But, you’re a citizen of another country. You’re not responsible for dealing with taxes from other countries.

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