Should I Be Really Excited About the "New" Paymattic Pro Plugin?

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      • August 22, 2022 at 1:53 pm #3536541

        I first heard about Paymattic early last week. But since then, it appears WP Manage Ninja has just done a refresh on their company website to now include this plugin as one of their main products. So, they might be getting ready to make a full-on marketing announcement about it with their current customers.

        After looking into it a little bit more, “Paymattic Pro,” listed as a “Payments and Donation Plugin (Formerly WPPayForm),” has a relatively long history with the former WpPayForm plugin name going back 2+ years of support.

        Should I … or maybe I should ask, CAN I be really excited about this plugin being a possible WooCommerce/WooCommerce Subscriptions replacement option in the near future?

        I’m still using MemberMouse with a lot of long-time monthly and annually paying members on subscription. Since I already have all of WP Manage Ninja’s other plugins running, as well as WP Fusion, I’m hoping Paymattic could (eventually?) be the final piece if I move away from MM and I don’t go with the obvious WooCommerce Subscriptions (that some consider being highly bloated for a small online membership business).

        Does anyone know more yet about this “brand new” offering and the goals it might have to possibly take on WooCommerce Subscriptions?

        • August 22, 2022 at 1:53 pm #3536589

          I am currently playing around with Adam Preisser’s new plugin suites which are launching soon:

          SureCart – a simple payment plugin that handles one off and subscription purchases (no pro plan yet but that’s coming soon to include things like Affiliate Payments)

          SureMembers – a membership plugin, fairly simple, not sure if it’ll work for our uses or not, that’s launching next week for about $200 lifetime though I think he’s planning on having a discount for the early testers

          SureTriggers – a Zapier/Pabbly alternative

          Haven’t gotten a chance to dig too deeply into them yet, and development is fast and furious so they keep adding new features and introducing and (mostly) fixing new bugs from week to week.

            • August 22, 2022 at 1:53 pm #3536590

              Ah, interesting. Thanks for the heads up on all of these, Blaine.

              I do have Presto Player Pro and have watched many of Adam’s videos, so I was aware that SureCart was coming or was in development and testing a while back. But, I didn’t know about the other two. So pleased to read this information from you even though it makes my decision-making harder now! 😉

              It’s certainly going to get more competitive really soon for all of us to decide which “camp” to “hitch our wagons to” when some good companies are creating such dense “ecosystems” of plugins of their own.

              For me personally, since I have FluentCRM Pro, Fluent Support Pro, Ninja Tables Pro, and Fluent Forms Pro, this likely does tip the scale for me to choose Paymattic (if it turns out to be a good match with membership subscriptions) — with the obvious assumption it will have a developer edge to be most compatible (with their other plugins in their family) and have the quickest update schedules (to keep them all compatible).

              But, this being said, I do like Presto Player… and love how compatible it is with the WP Manage Ninja plugin suite…. and “tags” in general.

              I just don’t want to move around again once I choose my next payment plugin. I have years of member transactional history that is likely “stuck” inside of MemberMouse never to get out, so I can already sense a level of dread I’m going to experience when I try and look up member transaction information in the future in what becomes my new payment plugin and realize I also have to go back into MemberMouse as well to find “archival” transactions to understand the “full scope” of a member’s situation they are writing me about.

              So, whatever I do decide to go with, I hope this is for the long haul… 😉

              • August 22, 2022 at 1:53 pm #3536591

                I don’t know what the final tech stack I’ll go with will be…for full context:

                I just purchased a membership site using ThriveCart as the cart and WishListMember for the content control, both of which I’ve previously spent a _lot_ of time customizing how they work.

                That said, I don’t agree with a lot of what the previous owner wanted to do and how he wanted things to work, and I want more fine-tuned control over customer data.

                ThriveCart is fine and I see a lot of advantages to using it for certain applications but for this membership specifically, having everything controlled right inside WordPress is very appealing. (Technically, SureCart is similar to ThriveCart in that it’s not hosted in WordPress for the processing side of things, but the actual payment information would be right there for my customer service team without a separate login.)

                I really like WLM but now that Stu is gone (and has been for quite a few years) I don’t really have any loyalty to it. We’re creating a brand new website from scratch based on David’s BuddyBoss suggestions and getting away from the custom (unsupported) theme and my custom WLM code, so at least once I figure out how we’ll support one specific lead source business case with whatever solution we use we don’t need all the WLM bells and whistles. And I’m not afraid to create my own plugin to live on top of whatever we use for the base functionality as that’s what I’ve been doing for years.

                So…new website gives us an opportunity to use a new tech stack. Previous subscriptions will wind up with a message on their dashboard that they can’t update their subscriptions without contacting support because those’ll be through ThriveCart…but will also have an easy way to purchase directly through our new shopping cart and merchant accounts and will let us know when they do so we can make sure they aren’t being double billed etc.

                • August 22, 2022 at 1:53 pm #3536613

                  I’ve owned PayMattic for a while, but just this week I finally got to implement a real setup.

                  We are using Square as it’s the client’s preferred processor (Read: They can’t find their Stripe login) and we’ve run into issues with the confirmation part of the transaction. For Square only..

                  Support’s logged in to my site and their dev fixed their plugin and it mostly work now, though for the Square payment block, the receipt data is still not showing.

                  SUpport’s return is about 24H. Waiting for details on this case.

                  I also own the other Fluent products and I really hope they’ll keep developing in a positive manner. I would so love more interconnection with FluentSupport for example.

                  They’re a great bunch of products

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