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  • Struggling with the product structure (upsells, downsells). Feedback needed 🙏

    Posted by Zuzanna Rudas on November 4, 2022 at 8:52 am

    **Posting again because the previous thread had some serious formatting issues and I can’t delete it**

    Hi everyone, new member here!

    I’m slowly getting into the digital products world to have another stream of income and currently I’m at the stage of designing my core offer and all the products around it.

    I know what products I want to create (and what my audience wants), but I STRUGGLE A LOT with putting everything into one coherent ecosystem (upsells, downsells etc) and would love some feedback! 🙂

    I apologize in advance for a VERY long post!

    To start, I’m a photographer specialized in dog photography (yes, it’s a thing 😂)


    1. Dog owners who take photos of their dogs with their phones.

    2. Some of them also use cameras, but are at the very beginning of their photo journey.

    3. There are also some who are more proficient and want to learn more advanced aspects of dog photography.


    I want my core offer to be a bundle of the following 2 courses:

    👉 Dog Photography Course (in-depth course that takes the person from “I don’t know how to use my camera” to “I take amazing photos of my dog”).

    👉 Photoshop Editing Course (this course will teach how to edit photos in Photoshop just like professional photographers do. It will cover everything from basics to more advanced techniques).

    SMALL PRODUCTS (below 100€)

    1. Ebook – Intro to dog photography (applies to both, people who use their phones and cameras)

    2. Ebook – How to edit photos of your dog on your phone

    3. Video – Behind the scenes of my photo sessions

    4. Video – Mini Photoshop tutorial about editing photos where I show how I edit 1 photo


    1. PDF: 15 tips for taking better photos of your dog on your next walk (aimed at audience 1)

    2. Masterclass (pre-recorded): Learn your camera manual mode to take better photos of your dog (aimed at audience 2)

    3. Email challenge: Learn how to edit photos in Photoshop – 3 day email challenge where people will receive videos that show them how to edit one photo (aimed at audience 3)

    And this is what I’m thinking of doing with all these products and lead magnets (and where I struggle 😫):

    PATH 1 (when someone downloads the Lead Magnet “15 tips for taking better photos of your dog”):

    1. User downloads the Lead Magnet.

    2. On the Thank You page they’ll get the Upsell 1: “Ebook – Intro to dog photography”.

    3. If they buy, they’ll get the Upsell 2: “Ebook – How to edit photos of your dog on your phone”.

    4. If they buy any of the upsells, they’ll receive a series of automated emails where at the end I’ll offer them to buy the Core offer. If they don’t buy it, I’ll offer them only the “Dog Photography Course”.

    ❓ Question: What should I do if they don’t buy any Upsells at all after downloading the lead magnet? Should I offer them something else in the email sequence? Should I ask why they didn’t buy it? Is it ok to pitch the core offer if they didn’t buy the smaller products before?

    PATH 2 (when someone signs up for the Masterclass)

    1. User signs up for the Masterclass

    2. At the end of the Masterclass, I pitch the Core offer.

    3. If they don’t buy it right away, they will get automated emails where I continue to pitch the Core offer.

    4. If after X days they don’t buy it, I’ll offer them the “Dog Photography Course” only.

    5. If they still don’t buy it after a few days, I’ll offer a downsell: Video – Behind the scenes of my photo sessions.

    PATH 3 (when someone signs up for the photoshop Email Challenge)

    1. User signs up for the Email Challenge

    2. At the end of the challenge, they get automated emails to buy the Core offer.

    3. If after X days they don’t buy it, I’ll offer them the “Photoshop Editing Course” only.

    4. If they still don’t buy it after a few days, I’ll offer a downsell: Video – Mini Photoshop tutorial.

    So this is basically the structure I was thinking about. Does it make sense from the user point of view? I somehow feel like I should offer ALL the smaller products in every path, because if I don’t, it would be a waste 🙈

    Also, another question…

    Does it make sense to also have a STORE on my website? The store would basically only have the Core offer available for people who are ready to buy and don’t want to go through the entire funnel.

    I feel like there should be some incentive if I want people to buy straight away – maybe add some bonus (one of the smaller products) if someone decides to buy the Core offer without going through the funnel?

    Thank you for all your feedback!

    David Risley replied 2 weeks, 1 day ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
  • 1 Reply
  • David Risley

    November 14, 2022 at 8:40 am

    All of these ideas seem fine. Keep in mind, there’s no one right way to do things. It all comes down to what YOU want to do, observing the results, then adjusting accordingly.

    One thing, too, is don’t worry about executing all this stuff right away. I get the feeling you’re trying to over-engineer this funnel right out of the gate. Plus, it runs the risk of coming off as too aggressive.

    So, go with your gut and be willing to adjust.

    If people don’t buy, then keep in mind that when they’re on your list, you should be maintaining regular contact. Just via free, valuable stuff. And every time you do that, it is an opportunity to get them to re-enter a funnel.

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