Transitioning to a Redwood model

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      • March 2, 2021 at 9:00 am #3525990

        Hey folks!

        I’m Rob, I’m new, and I’m super stoked to be a part of this community 🙂

        I am switching from a regularly updated blog with posts that just keep coming to more of an evergreen/pillar/Redwood model, where I’ll have only a set number of posts on my site that I update regularly and build over time.

        I am doing this to help folks who visit my site and join my email list focus on the fundamental steps they need to be successful.

        I’ve got a few questions to help make this transition.

        The theme I’m using right now – Eleven40 Pro by StudioPress – has proven to be quite cumbersome so far as setting this up.

        So, for those of you who also have an evergreen/pillar post style blog, how do you have yours set up?

        What theme do you use?

        What kind of plugins or tools do you use for managing published and modified dates?

        What did you do with your older posts that aren’t necessarily pillar content – did you leave them published but hidden, did you remove them, etc.?

        Anything else I need to consider during this transition?


        • March 2, 2021 at 9:00 am #3526022

          Hey Rob! Welcome to the LAB.

          So, it sounds to me like you’re taking it up a notch compare to what I originally talked about with the redwood strategy. It isn’t wrong… just different. See, the original strategy was more a change to how you approach content timing. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to restructure the site or remove old content. If you want to remove old content, that’s a different matter – and I would encourage you to ensure you’re not killing off any trafficked posts.

          I am personally using Thrive Theme Builder on the Blog Marketing Academy.

          As you can see on BMA, my blog more or less looks like a normal blog. Other than a few content silos, it isn’t as if I re-engineered the whole site around this.

          To re-publish a post, you just change the publish date on it. Not much more to it.

          There’s a plug-in that can help with modified dates:

          Again, the Redwood Strategy is more about your own strategy than it is a re-engineering of the site structure.

          • March 2, 2021 at 9:00 am #3526057

            Thank you so much for the clarification, David!

            I understand better now what you have in mind with your Redwood content.

            I’ll have to consider taking a similar approach!

            Also, that plugin works great.

            Now, I’ll check out more about that Thrive Theme Builder.

            Thank you so much for getting back to me!

            Have a loveley day 🙂

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