Web 3.0 Domain Names & Their Relationship to Pre-existing Websites.

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      • July 18, 2022 at 8:14 pm #3536378

        With Web 3.0 developing and the ability to buy domain names for Web 3.0, how does that interact with our existing websites? If we buy a domain name for Web 3.0 can that be assigned to our existing WordPress websites or do our websites need to be moved or rebuilt to live or exist on Web 3.0? For example, I currently pay an annual renewal fee for my domain name, but if I buy the same name on Web 3.0, I pay a one-time fee for that name. I can buy the same name on Web 3.0 that matches my existing domain name, although the extension will be different, if I understand correctly.

        I’m just trying to figure out how to stay current ad transition with Web 3.0, since I don’t even really understand what Web 3.0 is compared to what is currently operating. I do understand that I can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency and NFTs on Web 3.0. I do have accounts at exchanges and wallets for use with these. But I don’t know how this relates to my current blog website and my vision for how to move forward with the development of my website business from here. Thank you, in advance, for your input.

        • July 18, 2022 at 8:14 pm #3536435

          So, the protocols are completely different. So, right now, Web 3 domains are limited in their functionality because most browsers won’t work with blockchain without an add-on. Brave has functionality built in to support it better than most. And yes, the only real use in terms of your existing site is to forward it.

          Right now, buying a Web3 domain is basically for easier use as a wallet address. There’s some usage to post a “website” on something like IPFS, but there’s honestly not much point in that. In the end, Web3 is not likely to take over the traditional setup of a domain and a website. Web3 is going to be more about trustless value transfer, secure identities, digital ownership, etc. Web 3 isn’t really likely to outright replace the current internet, in my opinion.

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