What page should optins go to?

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      • April 19, 2021 at 5:27 am #3526996

        I currently have a lead funnel that I send opt-ins to a thank you page.

        The thankyou page advises them to check their email for the link to the content they signed up for. Then I have a quiz I ask them to take on the page.

        So, a couple of issues;

        1. I’ve had 70 opt-ins so far for this lead magnet and zero quiz results. I’m averaging around 8 opt-ins per day for free.

        2. Only 34% of the people that opt-in open the download email.

        3. Active campaign seems to take around 3-5 minutes to send the email even though it’s supposed to be right away.

        Should I just drive opt-ins directly to the download page and cut my losses for fake emails? Also, on the download page, should I tell them to check their email for an intro email I’m sending?

        I don’t know what a good open rate is for the lead magnet delivery email but 34% seems incredibly low since they just signed up for it. Is that low?

        Also, is 8 subscribers per day considered low for free traffic?


        • April 19, 2021 at 5:27 am #3527011

          Comparing that number (34%) to anybody else is sort of a false metric since every market and funnel is different. So, what I would do is just use that as a baseline and then begin changing some things that make sense to make the number go up. In other words, compare against yourself.

          Same with the 8 people per day. It is about conversion rate. And since I have no idea what kind of traffic you’re getting, there’s just no way to comment on whether it’s good. or bad.

          Sure, you could give them instant satisfaction on the download page. I mean, in the end, if they’re going to put ni a fake email, they’re never going to amount to anything anyway.

          Idea: Yes, tell them to check their email. But, even if you give them instant satisfaction on the download page, tell them you’ve got an extra bonus for them only in the email. Then, come up with something. Build good vibes, but they also still have a reason to go and look. 🙂

          Also, keep in mind the value of real engagement. Perhaps video, etc. Keep it personal and people are more likely to stay engaged.

            • April 19, 2021 at 5:27 am #3527014

              Hey David,

              thanks for the reply. So, I found out why the open rates were so low. Turns out, I forgot to put the redirect URL on my opt-in page so when they sign up, it just refreshes the screen.

              It still captures the lead and initiates the automation inside of Active Campaign but they have no clue what happened. I’m sure some get frustrated and just leave.

              So, I’m going to go back to requiring them to find the download in their email because what I find is that gets like 80%+ open rates and since they open up the email and click on it, I believe it makes my email deliverability better in the future.

              I could be wrong.

              By the way, I’ve been extremely camera shy and uncomfortable filming in general but I’ve been practicing and yes, you’re absolutely right. I’m going to start using video more to build the relationship.

              Also, with the new Google analytics changes, I have no clue how to track my landing pages. Do you have any guides on how to do it?

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