This is Day 3 of the 30 Days, 30 Killer Wordpress Plug-ins Series.

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned Gravity Forms because Magic Action Box is supposed to be integrating with it soon – which would be a powerful combo! But, today, I wanted to give Gravity Forms the attention it deserves on its own… because it is truly one SLICK plug-in.

If I were to tell you that Gravity Forms is a plug-in for doing forms in Wordpress, you might find it a little boring and think, “Big deal! I can find plenty of freebie forms plug-ins out there.” And yes, there are plug-ins like Contact Form 7 out there which will suit your needs if all you need a simple contact form.

But, Gravity Forms blows the others away. It is truly the cadillac of forms plug-ins. I personally use Gravity Forms on every one of my websites. I’ve used it for things like:

  • Contact forms
  • Surveys which can be integrated right into a post (where they will always get the most attention)
  • Student assignments inside the Academy (students can ask me questions and/or send me work they’ve done so I can give them feedback)
  • Guest post submission

But, there are a ton of uses for this thing…

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Some other uses for it:

  • If you’re running a site for lead generation for your small business, use Gravity Forms to collect leads. Lead information will not only be stored in your database, but you can send multiple notifications to people via email – perhaps to people to follow up with those leads.
  • You can use Gravity Forms as a support form, and route the message to different departments depending on what the user selects. And, using a form on-site is much easier for people than clicking over to some third-party solution.
  • You could use it for survey funnel marketing, where depending on the answers the person chooses, you can route them to a different page (i.e. a targeted sales offer).
  • You can create embedded order forms for your products, since Gravity Forms will integrate systems like Paypal.
  • You can create opt-in forms, since Gravity can integrate with the likes of Aweber.
  • You can take contest entries with Gravity Forms, and even schedule the form to disable at a pre-determined time when the contest is over.

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For me, Gravity Forms is one of those tools in my arsenal that is truly like a Swiss army knife – it can do so many things. And, inevitably, every time I set up a site, Gravity Forms is one of the first plug-ins I end up installing.


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