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Call to action box(es)… different for each page or set as a default, you have to have one. And here’s a plug-in that is definitely cool!

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I want to talk to you about “calls to action” underneath your blog post.

I came across a really cool plug-in that I’ve implemented over at and I’m going to be working with it some more because it really looks cool. It does these calls to action boxes in various places and most commonly underneath your blog post. You can obviously put those calls to actions anywhere you want but underneath your blog post make a lot of sense.

And they look really, really cool! It comes with its preformatted designs, they look really nice but you could also totally customize them and deck them out.

The other thing that you can do with it is have a unique call to action that you can design on your own on every single post, you can choose what call to action you want to display there. You can make the calls to action or your opt-in boxes very targeted to the material that the person just read. And that in theory, it should increase your opt-in rates if you do it right or increase your click-through rates if you do it correctly in terms of getting people into your offers or affiliate products.

So, that plug-in is called “Magic Action Box”.

You could simply search for that and I’ll have my assistant put a link to it directly below the video. It does have a free version which does a lot of things but it does also have a paid version and I think it costs $47. I went ahead and bought it because what it allows you to have a lot more fine tune control over where things appear. And so, one of the things you can do is set a “default” call to action and it will show across all of your posts.

But then, on a purpose basis, if you want to show a different one you can go ahead and do that and I think it has some different opportunities in terms of your call to action boxes, on sales pages, in social media stuff and all that; so that comes with the pro version, which like I said, I went ahead and bought it for 47 bucks. But you can check out Magic Action Box for free because it’s got a light version which gives you a pretty good idea what it does.

I was really excited about it because this is actually really close to an idea that I have for a plug-in that I was thinking about actually creating. And then when I saw what I saw… Magic Action Box… Sweet! This is actually really close to what I had in mind to begin with. So, I got excited, I went ahead and set it up and so far, I really dig it!

So, again, Magic Action Box … the link is just right on top of this transcript. 🙂


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