Hybrid Connect: Advanced Email Marketing for Wordpress

Hybrid Connect is a powerful email marketing plug-in with a TON of capabilities. There's only ONE reason I'm not personally using is...


This is Day 23 of the 30 Days, 30 Killer Wordpress Plug-ins Series.

Back on Day 10 of this series, I talked about OptinSkin. This is a pretty nice opt-in form builder for Wordpress. And, if you don’t have the theme hacking skills to design and place opt-in forms anywhere you want on your blog, OptinSkin is a good solution for you.

But, then there’s Hybrid Connect.

In many ways, this is the better plug-in. The ONLY reason I don’t use it myself is because, during my testing, I was unimpressed with the amount of code which was output into the source of my site. I was dealing with some server load issues at the time, so I was paying VERY close attention to the innards of these things. I wanted to be able to hand off some external javascript files to a content delivery network and found I couldn’t do that with Hybrid Connect.

But, there’s a good reason for that – and it goes right to the heart of why they call this HYBRID connect.


See, one of the features of this plug-in is the ability to show Facebook-integrated opt-in forms. By using Facebook Connect, people could opt into your list using their existing Facebook information. Seeing as a lot of people surf around the Internet essentially logged into Facebook, the idea is that you will get higher conversions by pre-filling the form and having the recognition of Facebook.

In order to make all that work, apparently they had to keep a lot of the resulting source code on-site.

Now, that was all just me being me. 🙂 As I said, I was having some server issues at the time, so it likely swayed my decision. However, Hybrid Connect is one HELL of an opt-in form plug-in.

It basically combines many of the features which often require separate solutions. It does all that OptinSkin does. It can do nice-looking Popup Domination style pop-ups. You can do slide-in forms similar to Scroll Triggered Box. It can do squeeze pages, like OptimizePress. It does GotoWebinar registrations.

It just does a TON of stuff. And it is very well built.

I’d definitely recommend you check out Hybrid Connect. I can’t give you my FULL recommendation because I personally decided not to use it due to the potential performance hit, but I definitely recognize a capable plug-in when I see it.


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  1. I dropped OptinSkin and replaced it with Hybrid Connect, thanks to this post. As far as impact on the site load time, yes, it does load quite a bit because of the facebook feature but it’s that trade-off for functionality. Based on the number of improvements they’ve made to it, and continue to make, it can only get better.

    For me, OptinSkin had become slow-loading and sometimes the stats would get messed up. I had tried Magic Action Box (free) but as I was looking for split-testing and they didn’t have split-testing the Pro version, so, it was time for Hybrid Connect which offers so much more and streamlines all of the processes.

    I’ve been able to get the forms up and running with EXACTLY the form content I wanted, plus the split-testing, in a short period of time. Plus, they have a blog which is updated with good stuff…lately, they did a two-part series on taking bland forms and getting them to pop and draw more subscribers.

    Thanks again for mentioning HC in your 30-day series,

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