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Getting started from scratch is the hardest phase of online business.

When you're sitting there at the base of the mountain looking up, it feels completely overwhelming. So many things to do. It is confusing. Almost... paralyzing.

All the information out there doesn't really seem to do much more than confuse you even further. Its feels so complicated!

Something has to be done differently.


Banner ads aren't the way to monetize your blog.

Let's be real... monetizing a blog with banner ads is pretty freakin' hard and grossly inefficient. With an industry average CPM (cost per thousand displays) of $2.80 and publisher revenue splits around 70%, the average you might expect is $1.96 per 1000 page views.

At that rate, you'd have to drive close to 10,000 page views just to earn enough to buy a standard meal in a halfway decent restaurant.

Blogs are powerful mediums... but not when they're littered with banners.


Today's online world is quite different than several years ago.

Truth is that a lot of blogging advice out there is simply outdated. If you were to follow it, you would be so busy constantly churning out blog content that you'd have no time and no life. Your blog would own you.

Launching a blog today isn't like it was just a few years ago. How we attract traffic has changed. And these changes mean we have to approach the very structure of our blogs differently.

Today, we need a more efficient and business-oriented approach in order to rise above the noise.

How Losing A Million-Dollar Deal And Getting Slapped By Google Was The Best Thing To Happen To My Business

David Risley
Founder, Blog Marketing Academy

Over the last two decades of my time as a blogger and online entrepreneur, I have seen a lot. I have seen trends come and go. I have watched things evolve.

Back in my earlier days as a technology blogger, I used banner advertising as a major source of revenue. I used Adsense and a few others. I also sold some ads directly without going through a network. And, yes, I made good money.

But, it all changed. Twice, in fact.

See, I've been at this long enough to remember the dot-com boom in the late 90's. Anything on the internet was considered to be automatic riches. Slap some banners on there and watch the revenue roll in. It was a true gold rush mentality.

The hype was so strong, in fact, that I eventually had a buy-out offer for my technology blog for - get this... about a million dollars.

Now, don't get too excited. Because it all fell apart rather quickly.

See, the buy-out wasn't all cash. It included a payment stream of cash as well as stock options. They figured they'd make so much money with ads on my site that it would pay off.

A few months after the contract was signed, the bottom began to fall out of the space. This was the notorious dot-com crash. And... it definitely crashed and burned.

This company who had acquired my site fell into breach of contract - and eventually collapsed. And, I'll spare you the legal mumbo-jumbo (and the drama)... but I came to once again own the original tech site that I had founded.

Only, I had a massive revenue problem. Banner advertising wasn't working so well anymore.

Looking for a solution, I began to personally delve into the world of internet marketing. And to summarize a whole lot of trial and error, I eventually came to sell a number of different things via that tech site, including CDs and DVDs, 3 books I wrote, a few online courses and some affiliate products. Even t-shirts and mugs. I fondly remember the days where I was literally creating my own CD-ROMs in my CD burner on my PC, stomping a printed label on them (that I made on my ink jet), and running them down to the post office. I had stacks of these yellow envelopes in my front seat on the way down. All from people who had purchased them via my tech blog.

The lesson from all this was important. And I'm glad I learned it early on.

You cannot rely on banner ads. You must take control of your own monetization destiny by building your blog into a real business.

The industry recovered. Eventually my ad revenue increased again. Only to free fall once again a few years later.

This time, it was a big algorithm change from Google. I believe it was their Penguin update. And as that thing rolled out, I watched my hard-earned traffic drop. And drop. And drop some more. It dropped by well over 50%... and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I didn't even know WHY.

Less traffic meant less banner ad impressions. Plus, the industry was just getting far more competitive. Once again, I fell back on the business foundation I had built. I continued to sell my own stuff - and even launched a membership site on that tech blog.

What I Saw Them Saying... Was Incomplete.

Now, here I am having grown this tech blog into a six-figure, multi-author online business. I had seen a lot of ups and downs. I had been thrown some curve balls. Yet, over a decade after I started this site as a hobby... I was doing just fine.

If I'm good at one thing, I guess... it is longevity and staying the course. Anyway...

I have my own personal wealth of experience... and I'm sitting there looking at what the "blogging gurus" were preaching. Things like "follow your passion", or "you've got to blog every day to satisfy Google", or "wait until you have a loyal tribe before you begin selling anything". All of it... bullsh*t.

Some of their advice was good yet incomplete... but some of it was just fairy-dust. Perhaps if all I did was blog about blogging or making money, I might have fallen into that trap. But, I had just spent a decade in an entirely different market. It's a wee bit different out there in real-ville.

But, they kept blogging it. Having guest bloggers blog about it, too. They were just saturating the market with what I personally found to be incomplete and generic advice not based on real-world experience. And I saw that it was generating confusion and a lot of dashed dreams as aspiring bloggers realized that it wasn't as easy as they made it seem.

Especially not the way they were teaching it.

I Had To Say Something.

In 2008, I was a little tired of being pigeon-holed into tech blogging. And, the more I read the world of blogging and online marketing, the more I felt I had something worth saying.

So, I began what eventually became the Blog Marketing Academy. I felt that I needed to, quite frankly, put some common sense into this world of blogging and monetization and how it really works.

Don't get me wrong... I had no visions of me riding in on a white horse to save the day. I'm not that cocky. :) It was just that... I had something to share.

After over 10 years of actually living in the trenches, building a blog-based business, and doing it in a niche which is notoriously difficult and has nothing to do with "make money online"... I had something to share.

This time, however, I applied what I had learned previously. There has never been - nor will there ever be - a banner ad on this website. Instead, I launched my first training course (called the Blog Masters Club) almost immediately. I did about $80,000 on that launch. And, the business grew and evolved from there.

The One Thing Constant... Is Change.

Over, the last many years of working with bloggers and online entrepreneurs since I began this site, things have continued to evolve. In fact, the pace of change has sped up.

SEO has changed. How we build traffic has changed. The level of noise has gone off the charts. Marketing, launches... all of it. Changed and, in many ways, matured. On top of that, the amount of tools and offers available has grown exponentially. In some ways, things have gotten easier. In others, however, it has become much, much harder.

It seems like every other day there's some new promotion for a tool or another online course. In my RSS feed, I see blog post after blog post from many of the same people... just cranking stuff out. Much of it is good stuff, but it is TOO MUCH. There's no order to it.

With all these tools, all the training... most people starting blogs today are as confused and overwhelmed as ever before. And they're often launching into a world that doesn't operate the same as the advice a lot of "blogs about blogging" are dishing out.

So, I decided to make some changes to my business. I wanted to serve more effectively. And, I also wanted to make things simpler. Not only for my students, but for myself. I like simple. Simplicity is power.

So, I combined everything... all the separate training courses... into one training portal. With that move... THE LAB was born.

Like the internet itself, THE LAB has grown and evolved, too. In fact, that's the main reason I call it THE LAB. Because, I realize that we never know it all. We try things... we report what works.

Let me tell you about it...

Introducing The Blog Marketing Academy LAB

The Lab is the training, support and coaching center of the Blog Marketing Academy. And it is where bloggers, course creators, consultants, business owners and more come together with a common mission: 

To build, grow and scale an online business and make a positive impact.

I've had students from all kinds of niches, including natural health, personal development, business, forex trading. Even chemistry tutoring, piano tuning and playing blues guitar - in German (not kidding... his name is Christoph. You can meet him below.).

While The Lab originally started as a collection of all my courses, it has grown to become much more than training. It is also about structure and order - and support. In short, this is a community. One where I am on a first-name basis with many of my members.

Not all, of course. Too many. :) But, I try.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

The Blog Marketing Academy LAB is centered around 3 major components:

  • The Lab Course Library
  • The Online Business Roadmap
  • Integrated Support & Community

The Lab Course Library

As a new member, you will gain IMMEDIATE access to our FULL course library which delivers over 800 hours of training videos over 24 courses, covering everything from blog layout, email marketing, offer creation, list building, membership sites... and much much more.

Plus, our library is growing all the time.

Courses mostly consist of online video with some text-only lessons mixed in. All courses include:

  • Easy navigation with ability to check lessons off when completed to easily keep track of progress.
  • Built-in ability to playback videos at increased speed
  • Transcripts for all videos
  • Audio versions of all videos (in MP3) for easy on-the-go listening
  • Ability to mark individual lessons as "favorites" so you can access the most immediate and actionable lessons (across the whole library) on a single screen

The Course Library spans a body of work which begins with my first training course from 2009 (which sold at the time for $497). But, now, I've combined ALL of it into one single-access library.

My goal with every single course is to accelerate your progress, keep things simple, and speak to you in plain-English.

The Lab is an incredible resource. The quantity and quality of the content is definitely way above what you'll find in most online training material. The roadmap alone (to guide you through the material) is worth double or treble the price of your membership. I love David's no BS approach am delighted with the progress I'm making so far.

James G

I came to the Blog Marketing Academy with zero experience in this field and David's training has been a tremendous help in keeping me pointed in the right direction and avoiding distractions fro "shiny objects." I am so grateful I found the BMA rather than some other training program. Thanks David!

Daniel Boyer

The Online Business Roadmap

The Roadmap is a 5-phase plan that takes you from absolute zero... up to a point where you not only have a proven product which is generating sales... but you will have a systematized business that is growing and enabling you to live the lifestyle you choose to live.

You do not have to have a blog to begin. You don't need an email list. No product. No traffic. You don't even need to be entirely firm on your ideas yet. As long as you engage in the process - in the order as laid out in this Roadmap - you can make it.

The structure of The Roadmap is found in 5 different phases. These 5 phases are laid out based on my own experience - and almost 10 years of coaching other bloggers and watching the various difficulties that come up.

As you go, you will be told which videos to watch, what to do, and when. You will be given actions to do along the way.

The Roadmap serves as your guide through the entire process. You can then apply "Just in Time Learning" to it... and ONLY spend your time learning what is immediately applicable to you and your business at the time... without the noise and distraction.

I love that this is laid out step by step. I have been working in online marketing for quite a while but found myself mostly trying to piece together steps as I went... only to discover that there was always something important missing. Thanks for this!

Jan M

Click on Each Phase For A More Detailed Description Of The Roadmap:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5

The Foundation

The Foundation is meant to be just that... a foundation for your success as you move forward on this journey.

A big part of this phase is taking control of your own personal time to clear the way for progress in your business. Most students have plenty of demands on their time - and this is normal. But, putting some order into it clears the mind and helps ensure success.

We also cover a planning process called the Business Growth Formula, talk about the "big picture" on the business we'll be building, then gathering the essential tools you'll need.​

Integrated Support & Community

The Lab - and the Roadmap - is as close to having me as your personal business coach as you can get without actually hiring me privately. But, it isn't all about me. It is about YOU and the entire LAB Community.

Our Private Member-Only Forums Are The Life Blood Of Our Community

The Lab Community is a private, distraction-free environment for all Lab members to get real-time advice, feedback, encouragement and accountability.

The forums are going 24/7 and David is in there every single day answering questions. We also highlight some of the best conversations in our weekly members-only newsletter.

Our forum is also usable via mobile app as well as via email. It is free of the noise, lost conversations and mindless chitchat typical of Facebook groups.

My experience so far with the The Lab is that it's fantastic. I follow the Community daily. It's terrific and gives me the sense of having some colleagues in this strange endeavor. So, I'm anxious but excited. Thanks SO MUCH for your work.

Virginia Wiles

Support Integrated Right Into The Training

I've set up this Roadmap so that you are never alone as you progress. For example:

  • There are points throughout The Roadmap where you will be told to submit your work to me for direct, personal feedback.
  • If you run into technical difficulties, you're directed into your options to get support from The Lab, including asking the community, submitting an office hours question and more. I have a pretty good tech background, so almost always can help you out.
  • Multiple progress report "pitstops" built into The Roadmap where you tell me how it's going and if there's anything you need me to clarify for you. And I WILL reply to you personally.

We'll also be monitoring your progress as you work your way through the Roadmap. While you will be taking the "do it yourself" route, we'll be there monitoring and offering assistance along the way.

Traveling the Roadmap is never a solo experience.

Office Hours & Monthly Live Workshops

Lab members have the benefit of a live, interactive community session on a bi-weekly basis. Held exclusively inside the Live Classroom, all sessions have a live video feed direct from David's office  - and a live chatroom where attending members can interact and ask questions.

Our live sessions are broken up into two types:

  • Lab Live Workshops. Once per month, we hold a live training workshop where David will share new strategies on a topic of interest to the community. All workshops are recorded and transcribed.
  • Office Hours. Once per month, we meet inside the live classroom for a Q&A. Instead of a pre-selected topic, these sessions are made up entirely of member requests (either from the live chatroom or pre-submitted in advance). On Office Hours, I answer any and all questions, do live site critiques, hot seats, or whatever will most serve the community.

As a member of The Lab, you will be able to attend all live sessions... either in real-time or via the recorded sessions. You'll also have the option to submit requests in advance.

It is time to shed the overwhelm and confusion of online business... and replace it with an orderly, simple step-by-step progression. We've got your back.

Here's The Complete List Of ALL Member Benefits
You're About To Have Access To

The Course Library

Lab members don't need to purchase any of our courses separately... because they're ALL included. You will gain immediate access to all 24 courses of our library. You will also gain instant access to all new releases without needing to buy anything else.

The Video Vault

"Quick hits" of immediately applicable strategy and tactics that don't require a whole training course. Mini-trainings for quick wins and quick results.

The Lab Community

Find like-minded, supportive friends who are working on their online businesses, too. Get help when you need it, from David and everybody else. It runs 24/7, and is available on your schedule, on demand.

Member Feedback System

Get private 1-on-1 feedback from David on any aspect of your business. You'll have personal access to a mentor, there to help you alleviate confusions or just give you feedback so you don't feel so alone in your ideas.

Online Business Roadmap

The Lab's unique step-by-step Roadmap to guide you through everything that you need to do to start, grow and scale your online business... starting from scratch. Always know what to work on, in what order... and have plenty of guidance along the way.

Document Library

Our library of documents, worksheets, swipe files and shortcuts, all found in one central location for the sake of simplicity. Download it, print it, use it.

Live Workshops & Office Hours

We hold a live training session in our Live Training Room every 2 weeks. We do a live training workshop on a "hot topic" (often driven by member request). Office Hours sessions are your opportunity to ask anything you want of David - and he'll answer in real-time.

Integrated Training Support

Request forms and "pit stops" are built into our training and the Roadmap so that training doesn't become a one-way spectator sport. Instead, you'll have two-way access to David and the team as you progress.

Additional Perks For Members

The Daily Archives

The Daily is our exclusive email newsletter, sent every weekday, which includes content and strategies not found on the blog. While it is free, there is no way to access back issues. However, as a Lab member, you will have access to the full, searchable archives.

Discounted Coaching Calls

Members can schedule a personal 1-on-1 call with David at any time for an exclusive 61% discount off the non-member rate. This is a STEEP discount for members. When you need to talk to me, I'll be there to help you.

What About The Investment?

If you're ready to gain instant access to everything you've seen here - and finally make the headway you've wanted with your online business - simply choose your preferred payment option below and click the button to join us...


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  • Full Lab Course LIbrary
  • Online Business Roadmap
  • Full Access to Office Hours
  • Full Access to Lab Live Workshops
  • Full Access to Lab Member Community
  • Access to the Video Vault
  • Access to the Document Library
  • Access to the Member Feedback System
  • Access to The Daily Archives
  • Discounted Coaching

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  • Get over 3 months free! ($120 savings) 
  • Full Lab Course LIbrary
  • Online Business Roadmap
  • Full Access to Office Hours
  • Full Access to Lab Live Workshops
  • Full Access to Lab Member Community
  • Access to the Video Vault
  • Access to the Document Library
  • Access to the Member Feedback System
  • Access to The Daily Archives
  • Discounted Coaching

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you join the Blog Marketing Academy LAB, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

Not Sure If The Lab Is Right For You?

The Blog Marketing Academy LAB is not for everybody. Based on my experience, certain types of people benefit most from The Lab while others don't find it the right fit. I'd rather you know BEFORE you join rather than waste any of your time.

Who The Lab Is For

  • Aspiring new entrepreneurs who want to build an online business from scratch and have a desire to truly serve their customers - and are willing to put the time and energy into it to make this dream a reality.
  • Action takers who realize that simply watching training videos isn't what's going to build a business.
  • Bloggers with existing audiences who want to more effectively monetize and leverage their existing blog.
  • Small business owners who realize that a well-structured blog can become a powerful marketing tool for their business and help them get out of the time for money conundrum.

Who The Lab Is NOT For

  • Anybody who is looking for a business opportunity or a get rich quick solution.
  • Anybody who has a history of chasing ideas and "shiny objects" but not following through.
  • Anybody who is looking for a done for you solution. We will not build your blog or your business for you.
  • Anybody who  is in a significant hurry to make money or under financial pressure. This business model works, but it takes time and energy to build it. One must have a longer-term view in mind.  
  • Anybody looking for a guarantee of results. Simply put, there's so much variability in markets and people that any such guarantee would be impossible.

Christoph is a lifetime member of The Lab. He started his online business from scratch about a year ago, with the help of The Lab.

Click play to see how he tells it...

I haven't seen anyone else provide what you do.

Tim King

This course is pretty darn incredible. I have been floundering for a couple of years. Nothing seemed to feel right. Now I have focus and information.


I decided to run through the Building a Content Marketing Plan training because I felt I've been missing something lately. GLAD I DID! I'm about 1/2 way through and I can't believe how much I've learned.

Chris H.

Wow, I am deeply impressed. Thanks for getting back so quickly to my question, and for sharing great insights. It's great to have an exterior view on things and to have a way to openly express my challenges. I will be sure to use the feedback request regularly and recommend it to all other Lab users.


David and The Lab are encouraging me to walk a path toward getting myself set up as an online entrepreneur. It is so important to me to have a path, "The Roadmap" to follow and step-by-step start creating a dream life.


The Lab is awesome! I've done a total 360 on the way I've been thinking about my website, and this is a great thing! My traffic, opt-ins, and sales have all gone up in a relatively short period of time!


I was able to complete my lead magnet in just 2 days thanks to your step-by-step teaching approach.

Danielle Graves

I wish my colleagues had your training!

Virginia Wiles

Got Questions?

Here are some answers to some of the questions I get more frequently...

Is this membership right for me if I'm brand new and just getting started?

Can I benefit from The Lab if my business is already started and doing OK?

Is the content available right away or is it time-released?

Is there anything left to buy after I join? Any "gotchas"?

Can I benefit from The Lab if I'm not using Wordpress?

Will you be adding more content, or is everything in there already?

Can I get one-on-one help and support for my project?

What if I don't like The Lab once I'm in there?

How does The Lab compare to other training programs by other people?

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

This is a fantastic way for beginners in internet business to get a handle on how things should be done.

Mikael Eriksson

24 hours in and I must say this is THE BEST program I've ever invested in.

James Graham

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  • Full Lab Course LIbrary
  • Online Business Roadmap
  • Full Access to Office Hours
  • Full Access to Lab Live Workshops
  • Full Access to Lab Member Community
  • Access to the Video Vault
  • Access to the Document Library
  • Access to the Member Feedback System
  • Access to The Daily Archives
  • Discounted Coaching

Best value: Save $120.




  • Get over 3 months free! ($120 savings) 
  • Full Lab Course LIbrary
  • Online Business Roadmap
  • Full Access to Office Hours
  • Full Access to Lab Live Workshops
  • Full Access to Lab Member Community
  • Access to the Video Vault
  • Access to the Document Library
  • Access to the Member Feedback System
  • Access to The Daily Archives
  • Discounted Coaching