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Removing the confusion and chaos out of blogging and online business... with an all-in-one training center and community.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You have a great idea for your blog-based business. You think it'll work. But, you have no idea where to start and how to turn it into a doable plan...

You've spent countless hours trying to build your blog-based business, but feel you're going in circles with technical confusions & wrestling code and plug-ins...

You've worked hard to get your blog up and running, but it isn't going as well as you'd like. You're not making the money you had hoped and you're out of ideas how to fix it...

If it does, then I'm sure you know how overwhelming it can feel... and that finding quality advice and support can be hard.

That's Why I Created The Lab

As a veteran of this industry for 19 years, I was amazed at the growing amount of courses and information for bloggers... yet I saw that people were STILL overwhelmed and confused as ever. People were still stuck, thanks to...

​Internet Marketers who are more interested in making the sale than actually delivering after the sale...

Training and tutorials that over-complicate things and just pour on the information, but don't provide the perspective and overall strategy to make sense of when it matters... and when it doesn't...

​Course creators who just teach what they have done, but acting like it'll work for everybody else, too. Or just parrot what they've learned elsewhere, but without much actual experience. And they don't actually TELL you that.

I set out to do things differently.

The Lab Is Here To Serve As An All-In-One Resource For The Training, Advice, Perspective and SUPPORT you need to Plan, Build and Grow A Blog-Based Online Business

Being a part of The Lab Community will enable you to:

  • Truly build an online business (not just a blog). One that will generate steady, recurring income to power the kind of lifestyle you want.
  • Create content that actually makes an impact in the lives of the people you're seeking to help
  • Create the marketing to make it all work, but without feeling like you have to be overly 'salesy' to do it
  • Finally get a handle on the technical side of building a blog-based online business
  • Learn from the knowledge and experience of a community of like-minded blog owners and people of all levels of experience

Here's a quick rundown of what is
included in your pass to The Lab:

Training Library

Access to every single course ever released by the Academy, covering everything from planning, building, marketing and more.


Step-by-step, printable checklists to guide you toward specific outcomes in your business, in the shortest possible time.

Office Hours

Community mastermind sessions inside the Lab's Live Training Room, where we answer every single question to alleviate those confusions.

The Library

Our library of documents, worksheets, swipe files and shortcuts, all found in one central location for the sake of simplicity. 

Video Vault

"Quick hits" of immediately applicable strategy and tactics that don't require a whole training course.

The Community

The members-only community forums, where you can receive quick answers and advice from David as well as any other Lab member.

What It's Like Inside The Lab...

The Lab is constantly evolving and expanding. More training is added every month. Blueprints and Vault videos are added almost every week. The community is buzzing every day.

We have a wide range of training courses, created over the span of 8 years. Covering essential skills of blogging, marketing, list building, traffic, and more. Such as...

  • How to start an online business from scratch, even if you have no blog, no list and no product yet.
  • How to come up with your business plan
  • Detailed training on membership sites, including mechanics, pricing, marketing, onboarding and more.
  • How to structure the 'perfect' blog, optimized for branding and conversions
  • In-depth training on goals, time management and systems to help accomplish what's needed.
  • Detailed walk-through on how to set up your opt-in process, autoresponders and more
  • Experience-based training on the creation of courses... and the funnels to sell them.
  • Techniques for getting traffic... reliably and predictably

Everything I create is meant to be approachable, plain-English, and real. I aim to make things simple, and to shorten the process as much as possible. I'm also here to support you, with:

  • 24/7 Access to the Lab Community, where I'm in there every single day answering every question that comes up
  • Our bi-weekly Office Hours sessions, live streamed direct from my office where we're interacting via the Lab chat room.
  • Ability to participate in the Office Hours even if you can't be there live. Submit in advance, and everything is recorded, indexed and transcribed.
  • Access to the Member Feedback System, to get direct, private feedback from me on any aspect of your business.

Can I just say that your guides and everything you do is superb. Haven't seen anyone else provide what you do.

Tim King

David, your Creating an Effective Lead Magnet action plan is phenomenal. I now have a lead magnet that I can be confident in and one that is going to help me target my audience so much better than before! I was also able to complete my lead magnet in just two days thanks to your step-by-step teaching approach. Many thanks!

Danielle Graves

I really appreciate your work in The Lab. I've just started the course of Systems and Constraints. So well done. I'm a long-time professor in the humanities and, lord, I wish my colleagues had your training! It's like they've never thought about systems at all. I'd begun to think I was crazy for thinking in Systems all the time. It's wonderful to see how clearly you're outlining all of this for us. My experience so far with the The Lab is that it's fantastic. I follow the Community daily. It's terrific and gives me the sense of having some colleagues in this strange endeavor. So, I'm anxious but excited. Thanks SO MUCH for your work. (Oh, and your podcast is great too.)

Virginia Wiles

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A Little About David (That's Me)...

I have been blogging since 1998, long before the popular concept of blogging even existed. Back then, it was all done manually. For my first 10 years, I blogged about computers and technology and I built that blog into a multi-author, six-figure business. In 2008, I began what is now the Blog Marketing Academy. And, quite recently, I’ve even begun a new property for RV owners.

My experience in this industry is now at 19 years - and counting. I've built and grown businesses in very different niches. And, since 2008, I've helped literally thousands of students from almost any niche you could think of... right here at the Academy.

My focus is squarely on helping others achieve their goals with their blog... and to double the income of 1,000 bloggers in the next year.

When I'm not busy working on The Lab, I'm spending time with my family down in Tampa Bay, FL... and you'll often find me traveling and camping in our RV. It's kinda my thing. :)​

Love It Or Leave It Guarantee

First off, you have full control of your account at all times. You can cancel any time, right inside your account. No need to contact us. We never hide the option to cancel.

Secondly, this guarantee states that you have a full 30 days to try out your full membership to The Lab. You'll have access to everything - no exceptions. If you don't love it at the end of 30 days, get in touch with us and ask for a refund. We'll refund you every dime, ensure your account is cancelled, and we'll part as friends. No questions asked.

Got Any Questions?

Let me try to answer some of the biggies...

Is this membership right for me if I'm brand new and just getting started?

How long does it take to begin making money?

Is the content available right away or is it time-released?

Will you be adding more content, or is everything in there already?

Can I get one-on-one help and support for my project?

What if I don't like The Lab once I'm in there?

How do I cancel my membership?

Will I have access to content once I cancel?

If there is anything at all that you're unclear about, or you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at Dawn will get back to you lickety-split, and if it requires direct answer from me, she'll make sure it gets in front of me. Either way, we're here to help.

Blog Monetization Academy is a fantastic way for beginners in internet business to get a handle on how things should be done. Not only that, but most importantly, the structured approach of it allows you to get up to speed on things much quicker than if you'd just search for bits and pieces here and there on the internet. Just what you need starting out. The community is the best part of it all though. There's a great group of active lab members helping each other out all the time. Finally, David is very generous with his input and time to the community and individual questions on e.g. courses, and really cares for his members. I highly recommend joining!"

Mikael Eriksson

24 hours in and I must say this is THE BEST program I've ever invested in.

James Graham

Get Started And Join The Community!

You can have access to everything within just about 2 minutes of right now.
Simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us...


Get two months free ($59.90 value).

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee.

Only $299.95 / year


Recurring payment - cancel anytime inside your account with just a few clicks. Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee.

Only $29.95 / month

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