What If The Entire Process Of Building Your Online Business From Scratch Was Mapped Out For You?

Is this you?

You have a great idea for your blog-based business. You think it'll work. But, you have no idea where to start and how to turn it into a doable plan...

You've spent countless hours trying to build your blog-based business, but feel you're going in circles with technical confusions & wrestling code and plug-ins...

You've read a ton of blog posts, gone in loops searching Google for answers. So much of your time is spent searching and piecing things together that you barely make any real progress.

It seems as if there are tons of online courses which promise to help, but none of them seem to paint the whole picture. Too much to buy... not enough results.

If so, then I'm sure you know how overwhelming it can feel. It is downright confusing. And you end up paralyzed by your own over-analysis. It's a very lonely feeling.

But, here's the real problem...

It's no secret that the blogging and internet marketing industry is filled with "noise".

There are a ton of blogs. A ton of "gurus". A ton of Youtube videos and online courses. They end up dragging you into a thousand different directions, conflicting each other, and asking you to buy yet another thing because it is supposedly the best.

It is made worse by the fact that many of them don't have the experience to be teaching any of it. Some are faking it by recycling stuff they saw elsewhere - and have never done anything other than talk about making money online.

So, who can you trust?

Who is providing the most resources and value?

That's me along with my wife (Malika) and 2 kids. 

Hi, I'm David Risley. And I Saw The Problem...

As a veteran blogger and online entrepreneur for 19 years, I am amazed at the growing amount of courses, information and tools for bloggers. But...

So many aspiring online entrepreneurs are still paralyzed. They're not making real headway. They're confused on what to do next. In many cases, they're still stuck at the initial stages wondering if their idea will even work.

One ends up spending more time sifting through "noise" and the latest product launches... than they do actually building their business!

I am a HUGE fan of simplicity.

Plus, I have almost 20 years of experience doing this stuff (and not just in the "make money" niche). I knew major gaps existed in the training other people were offering.

And I set out to do something about it.

It Started Way Back In 2008.

By 2008, I had already been running an online business for a decade. In my case, I started a technology blog 10 years prior where I was talking about geeky things like building computers, doing upgrades.... even how processors worked!

But, despite the geeky stuff, I was also piecing together the makings of a model for online business and blogging. And, sure enough, by 2008, I managed to build that technology blog into a six-figure business with multiple authors.

But, come 2008, I was itching to do something new. And I felt I had a style and experience to bring to others looking to build a good size business out of a blog.

So, in 2008, I created and launched my blog about blogging. And shortly thereafter, launched my first product called the Blog Masters Club. That launch ended up grossing about $80k when all is said and done.

Since then, I have been hard at work creating courses for bloggers and budding online entrepreneurs. My original site was rebranded to "Blog Marketing Academy" and I moved full steam ahead.

Over the years, I developed a reputation for "plain talk" in my blog posts and training. People came to admire my tendency to keep things simple and speak plainly... even if it meant giving advice contrary to what others were saying.

The Problem That Kept Pissing Me Off

OK, I had been creating a fair number of courses. And people bought them. They'd also tell me about courses they bought from other people in the field (some of them friends of mine). But, despite that, I kept seeing something...

People were still royally confused! Too often, they weren't getting the results they had set out to.

And what pissed me off even more was that...

I saw some "gurus" blame you! They'd lament that their customers weren't getting the results promised, but too often the explanation was simply that you were a "wantapreneur". That people weren't willing to work and "hustle".

Screw that! It's a cop out!

If people are not getting anywhere with your training, that's something you should be looking at! Not blaming your customer.

At the same time, though, I was also seeing missing pieces out there. All these moving parts and people didn't know how to put it all together. And seemingly nobody was doing it.

And certainly I didn't see most "gurus" providing the individual support needed for their customers. Too often, it almost seemed as if they saw customer support as a "necessary evil". Farm it out to some virtual assistants and be done with it, I guess. As long as the sales were coming in.

What I saw missing was twofold:

  • The necessary information was spread out all over the place, with no sense of order. It leads to unnecessary confusion.
  • People were alone and trying to figure it all out for themselves without much personal help from the instructor.

So, The Solution Was Simple.

I felt what was needed was an "all in one" kind of solution. One where you could purchase one program and get most everything you needed in one place

It shouldn't feel as if every little thing required you to buy something else.

It shouldn't feel as if the course creator cared more about the sale than actually supporting you the whole way through.

It shouldn't feel as if you're alone to fend for yourself. You should feel like the people behind it give a shit about you and your success. It should feel like they're there to help you whenever you need it.

So, I set out to create THE LAB. Why the "Lab"? Because learning and trying things (experimentation) never stops. We're all always learning and things evolve.

I combined all of my courses under one umbrella and set out to create a global map through the entire thing.

Not only that, I made it my mission to never be distant from my customers. I believe it is important that I am there to support my students every step of the way.

When my readers sign up with me, that's when my work BEGINS.


Membership In The Lab Plugs You Into A Support Network, And Gets You Unlimited Access To...

  • The Academy Lab Training Library. 24 full training courses (with more coming all the time), all in one place, so you can stop feeling like you always have to buy something else.
  • The Online Business Roadmap. Get led by the hand on starting your business from scratch by David, almost as if he's coaching you personally. Always know what to do next, when and in what order.
  • Office Hours Sessions. You'll have the ability to get live help from David, so you'll never feel like you're alone.
  • The Lab Community Forums. Find like-minded, supportive friends who are working on their businesses just as you are. Get help when you need it, 24/7, without waiting for the next office hours.
  • Member Feedback System. Get private, 1-on-1 feedback from David on parts of your business. Like having a personal mentor to help you when you need it... so you'll never feel alone in your ideas.

Introducing The Lab's Exclusive
Online Business Roadmap

The Roadmap is a 5-phase plan that takes you from absolutely zero... up to a point where you not only have a proven product which is generating sales... but you will have a systematized business that is growing and enabling you to live the lifestyle you choose to live.

You do not have to have a blog to begin. You don't need an email list. No product. No traffic. You don't even need to be entirely firm on your ideas yet. As long as you engage in the process - in the order as laid out in this Roadmap - you can make it.

The structure of The Roadmap is found in 5 different phases. These 5 phases are laid out based on my own experience - and almost 10 years of coaching other bloggers and watching the various difficulties that come up.

As you go, you will be told which videos to watch, what to do, and when. You will be given actions to do along the way.

The Roadmap serves as your guide through the entire process. You can then apply "Just in Time Learning" to it... and ONLY spend your time learning what is immediately applicable to you and your business.

I love that this is laid out step by step. I have been working in online marketing for quite a while but found myself mostly trying to piece together steps as I went... only to discover that there was always something important missing. Thanks for this!

Jan M

Click on Each Phase For A More Detailed Description Of The Roadmap:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5

The Foundation

The Foundation is meant to be just that... a foundation for your success as you move forward on this journey.

A big part of this phase is taking control of your own personal time to clear the way for progress in your business. Most students have plenty of demands on their time - and this is normal. But, putting some order into it clears the mind and helps ensure success.

We also cover a planning process called the Business Growth Formula, talk about the "big picture" on the business we'll be building, then gathering the essential tools you'll need.​

The Roadmap = True Coaching

The Lab - and this Roadmap - is as close to having me as your personal business coach as you can get without actually hiring me privately.

I've set up this Roadmap so that you are never alone as you progress. ​For example:

  • Points throughout The Roadmap where you will be told to submit your idea to me for direct, personal feedback.
  • If you run into technical difficulties, you're directed into your options to get support from The Lab, including asking the community, submitting an office hours question and more. You can even choose to have us do it for you (at an additional charge).
  • Multiple progress report "pitstops" built into The Roadmap where you tell me how it's going and if there's anything you need me to clarify for you. And I WILL reply to you personally.

We'll also be monitoring your progress as you work your way through the Roadmap. While you will be taking the "do it yourself" route, we'll be there monitoring and offering assistance along the way.

Here are just a few of the courses inside the Lab Training Library...

The Facebook Ads Blueprint

The Expanded Redwood Strategy

The Business Building Bootcamp

Finding Your

The Content Marketing Clinic

One Page Online Business Plan

The Product Creation Blueprint

Building Your Blog
Profit Funnel

Building A Content Marketing Plan

The Membership Site Blueprint

The Perfect Blog

Building Your Email Followup Engine

And 12 More! (and new courses coming out all the time)

All courses I create are meant to be approachable, plain-English, and real. Plus, you can stop feeling like you always have to buy another training course, since you'll have all you need in one place.

And Then There's Our Member Support...

It is a fundamental belief of mine that true support is what matters most. All the training videos in the world matter little if the instructor isn't there to help you personally along the way. So, Lab members have multiple avenues to get all the support they'd ever want...

The Lab Community

Find like-minded, supportive friends who are working on their online businesses just as you are. Get help when you need it, without waiting for the next office hours. It runs 24/7, and is available on your schedule, on demand.

Member Feedback System

Get private 1-on-1 feedback from David on any aspect of your business. You'll have personal access to a mentor, there to help you alleviate confusions or just give you feedback so you don't feel so alone in your ideas.

Office Hours Sessions

Live streaming sessions in our private Lab chatroom, where you can get help directly from David on any matter. Never feel like you're all alone and that there's nobody there to help you.

Integrated Training Support

Request forms and "pit stops" are built into our training and the Roadmap so that training doesn't become a one-way spectator sport. Instead, you'll have two-way access to David and the team as you progress.

My goal is to make enough support available to all Lab members that the only way you feel alone is if you want to be. Lab members have enough options available to them to be like a small group coaching program, yet done at scale and at a much more economical cost to you.

Our Private Member-Only Forums Are The Life Blood Of Our Community

The Lab Community is a private, distraction-free environment for all Lab members to get real-time advice, feedback, encouragement and accountability.

The forums are going 24/7 and David is in there every single day answering questions. We also highlight some of the best conversations in our weekly members-only newsletter.

Our forum is also usable via mobile app as well as via email. It is free of the noise, lost conversations and mindless chitchat typical of Facebook groups.

My experience so far with the The Lab is that it's fantastic. I follow the Community daily. It's terrific and gives me the sense of having some colleagues in this strange endeavor. So, I'm anxious but excited. Thanks SO MUCH for your work. (Oh, and your podcast is great too.)

Virginia Wiles

It is time to shed the overwhelm and confusion of online business... and replace it with an orderly, simple step-by-step progression. We've got your back.

Here's a quick summary of what is
included in your enrollment in The Lab:

The Roadmap

The Academy's unique step-by-step Online Business Roadmap to guide you through everything that you need to do to start and grow your online business... starting from absolute zero up to a point where it is your full-time business. Keep track of your progress and avoid overwhelm by always knowing what you should be focusing on.

Training Library

Access to every single course ever released by the Academy, covering everything from planning, building, marketing and more.

Video Vault

"Quick hits" of immediately applicable strategy and tactics that don't require a whole training course.

Office Hours

Community mastermind sessions inside the Lab's Live Training Room, where we answer every single question to alleviate those confusions.

Document Library

Our library of documents, worksheets, swipe files and shortcuts, all found in one central location for the sake of simplicity. 

Direct, Personal Feedback

Receive feedback from David directly on everything from your niche idea, your lead magnets, products, landing pages... or even your business plan.

The Community

The members-only community forums, where you can receive quick answers and advice from David as well as any other Lab member.

Christoph is a lifetime member of The Lab. He started his online business from scratch about a year ago, with the help of The Lab.

Click play to see how he tells it...

I haven't seen anyone else provide what you do.

Tim King

This course is pretty darn incredible. I have been floundering for a couple of years. Nothing seemed to feel right. Now I have focus and information.


I decided to run through the Building a Content Marketing Plan training because I felt I've been missing something lately. GLAD I DID! I'm about 1/2 way through and I can't believe how much I've learned.

Chris H.

Wow, I am deeply impressed. Thanks for getting back so quickly to my question, and for sharing great insights. It's great to have an exterior view on things and to have a way to openly express my challenges. I will be sure to use the feedback request regularly and recommend it to all other Lab users.


David and The Lab are encouraging me to walk a path toward getting myself set up as an online entrepreneur. It is so important to me to have a path, "The Roadmap" to follow and step-by-step start creating a dream life.


The Lab is awesome! I've done a total 360 on the way I've been thinking about my website, and this is a great thing! My traffic, opt-ins, and sales have all gone up in a relatively short period of time!


I was able to complete my lead magnet in just 2 days thanks to your step-by-step teaching approach.

Danielle Graves

I wish my colleagues had your training!

Virginia Wiles

Why I Do This...

I remember sitting in grade school when I was a kid. Looking out the window of the classroom at the outside world, watching the cars going by. I remember thinking how lucky they were because.... they were free. While I was stuck in school.

Of course, I grew up some and realized that adults just changed the walls. When you're a kid, it's the classroom you don't want to be in. When you're older, it's the walls of your job.

No thank you. I don't want to be told where I have to be and when. I want to live life on my own terms.

Today, I do what I do because I want my whole family to be able to live life on our terms. We love to travel (and often do in our RV) and I want to be able to do that freely. My wife works with me now, and we homeschool our kids.

Back in college, I decided that the 9-5 and the life in a cubicle wasn’t for me. Not everybody is cut out for it. There are people in this world who want to make the world better by fulfilling their own passions and following their own rules.

I’m here for those people. Blog Marketing Academy is here for those people. And to the extent that you choose the particular path that I have, that’s my mission.

Get Started Today With ZERO Risk

100% Money Back Guarantee

I understand if you might be a little jaded and scared of getting screwed. You don't know me. Plus, I know full well the level of "noise" out there from other sites. I get it. So, let me do what I can to remove all risk from you - and place it on me.

Love It Or Leave It

You have a full 30 days to try out your full membership to The Lab. If you don't love it at the end of 30 days, get in touch with us and ask for a refund. We'll refund you every dime and we'll part as friends. No questions asked.

No Commitments

There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. We never hide the option to cancel and it is self-service inside your account. No gotchas, no games. If you want out, you're out.

Secure Your Lifetim​​​​​​​​e Membership While These Plans Are Still Available!

12 Monthly Payment​s Of


After 12 monthly payments, your account will automatically be upgraded to a lifetime membership, with nothing left to pay.

Full access. Hassle free 30-day money-back guarantee.

1 Single Payment Of


Pay once and instantly secure a full LIFETIME membership in The Lab - without any recurring payments. Save $73 overall on your membership by paying upfront.

Full access. Hassle free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me try to answer some of the biggies...

Is this membership right for me if I'm brand new and just getting started?

How long does it take to begin making money?

Can I benefit from The Lab if my business is already started and doing OK?

Is the content available right away or is it time-released?

Is there anything left to buy after I join? Any "gotchas"?

Can I benefit from The Lab if I'm not using Wordpress?

Will you be adding more content, or is everything in there already?

Can I get one-on-one help and support for my project?

What if I don't like The Lab once I'm in there?

Why should I join The Lab today rather than waiting?

How does The Lab compare to other training programs by other people?

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

If there is anything at all that you're unclear about, or you have any concerns or questions, give us a shout. Click here to shoot us a message and we'll get right back to you.

You can also ping us on Facebook Messenger. Just hit the button below and a conversation will be started in Messenger and we'll have a little chit-chat. :)

This is a fantastic way for beginners in internet business to get a handle on how things should be done.

Mikael Eriksson

24 hours in and I must say this is THE BEST program I've ever invested in.

James Graham

I have hundreds of bloggers bookmarked, subscribe to dozens of lists, and half my memory is taken up by downloadables/PDF's. You're one of the few that I take seriously anymore.

Jonnie Williams

Who Should Join The Lab?


As a blogger, you already know what a tough job it is to make decent money with banner ads. And the quest to start a real business out of it is a minefield of conflicting advice and overpriced products. Inside the Lab, we zero in on the shortest possible path to income... assuming no product, no list. We WILL get there.

Business Owner

If you're a business owner already, most likely you're strapped for time. And the idea of spending countless hours researching the in's and out's of online marketing... well, you just don't have time. You need shortcuts. You need systems. You need it all in one place. That's exactly what you'll find in the Lab.

Consultant / Coach

As a coach, you likely have two needs: (1) To get more clients, and (2) To find a way to scale without your time becoming scarce. This model is perfect for you. First, we'll set up a lead funnel to get you more leads predictably. Secondly, we're going to build the leverage so that you're not stuck trading your time for money.

Course Creators

Oh... the Lab is perfect for you! As a course creator, the ultimate business model for you is to have your own membership site platform where you can sell your courses in-house, keep 100% of the profits, and build your own funnels. You'll have all the training - and the assistance - inside the Lab.

If you made it this far, then here's the deal...

You have a choice to make.

You can either continue to dream about getting real results with your blog and building the online business you want.... or you can finally do something about it.

You can continue to wade in the overwhelming minefield of blog posts, videos, launches and get peppered with conflicting advice or constantly told you need to buy something else.... or you can get what you need in one simple place.

You can continue to endlessly search for answers on Google or seek the missing pieces from others... or you can get right to the point and put a 20-year veteran on your virtual "speed dial" to coach you along.

It is up to you.

I'm here. The Academy is here. The LAB is here. Myself and all the other members of The Lab would love to welcome you, should you decide to join us right now.

Lifetime memberships - my absolute best offer - are currently available. But, not likely to stay that way. Soon, we'll switch to straight monthly/annual memberships. So, right now is really your best time to join us.

It comes down to this...

In my training, I teach about how your whole business should be aligned around delivering a transformation. That word "transformation" is one I use alot. It is something I take seriously. And...

I want this transformation for YOU. I want you to be in a position where your blog is empowering the life you want. It can happen - and I'd like to help you get there. It is, quite literally, what I've built my whole business to do.

I hope to see you inside The Lab soon!

All the best,

Founder, Blog Marketing Academy

Secure Your Lifetim​​​​​​​​e Membership While These Plans Are Still Available!

12 Monthly Payment​s Of


After 12 monthly payments, your account will automatically be upgraded to a lifetime membership, with nothing left to pay.

Full access. Hassle free 30-day money-back guarantee.

1 Single Payment Of


Pay once and instantly secure a full LIFETIME membership in The Lab - without any recurring payments. Save $73 overall on your membership by paying upfront.

Full access. Hassle free 30-day money-back guarantee.