Online Business Training By Somebody Who Gives A Crap About Your Success

Hey, I'm David. Welcome to The Lab.

Me and my wife, Malika

I believe there's an inherent problem with most online business training...

  • Most courses leave too much out, or don't paint the full picture. It leaves students feeling they need to buy something else to get anything truly done.
  • The training is being sold by marketers who are better at marketing than delivery.
  • Customer support seems like an afterthought, and the instructor isn't really accessible.
  • The whole experience leaves students feeling overwhelmed, confused and left alone to deal with the inevitable speed bumps.

As somebody who has been an online business instructor for a decade (and did it for 10 years previous to that with a large technology blog I started in 1998), I wanted to do something different.

... because here's what I believe:

  • I believe that signing up for a training program shouldn't be just a license to slap you upside the head with upsells, high-ticket offers and overpriced masterminds.
  • I believe all members and students shouldn't feel like the instructor stopped caring once the sale  has been made.
  • I believe that, while the student certainly has to do the work and take initiative, that it is the instructor's job to constantly be finding ways to alleviate constraints for members, and that success shouldn't solely be measured in sales, but also member success rates.
  • I believe all members should feel the instructor CARES.

That's the idea behind The Lab.

The Lab is the training, support and coaching center of the Blog Marketing Academy. And it is where bloggers, course creators, consultants, business owners and more come together with a common mission: To build, grow and scale an online business and serve others.

We have students from all kinds of niches, including natural health, personal development, business, forex trading. Even chemistry tutoring, piano tuning and playing blues guitar - in German (not kidding... his name is Christoph).

I'd love to welcome you to The Lab, too.


I’m dazzled by what David and Malika have created and I hope to do something similar within my specialty. I love the straight-forward instruction and practical way you show us what to do and how you teach from your experience. Even more impactful to me... I love how you and Malika are real, care about our experience with the Lab, and don’t leave me questioning your business motives, integrity, or sincerity. THANK YOU!!

Eddie S. ,

It is time to shed the overwhelm and confusion of online business... and replace it with an orderly, simple step-by-step progression. And we'll have your back the whole time.

Here's The Complete List Of Member Benefits

The Course Library

Lab members don't need to purchase any of our courses separately... because they're ALL included. You will gain immediate access to all 24 courses of our library. You will also gain instant access to all new releases without needing to buy anything else.

The Video Vault

"Quick hits" of immediately applicable strategy and tactics that don't require a whole training course. Mini-trainings for quick wins and quick results.

Online Business Roadmap

The Lab's unique step-by-step Roadmap to guide you through everything that you need to do to start, grow and scale your online business... starting from scratch. Always know what to work on, in what order... and have plenty of guidance along the way.

Document Library

Our library of documents, worksheets, swipe files and shortcuts, all found in one central location for the sake of simplicity. Download it, print it, use it.

And Then There's Our Member Support...

It is a fundamental belief of mine that true support is what matters most. All the training videos in the world matter little if the instructor isn't there to help you personally along the way. So, Lab members have multiple avenues to get all the support they'd ever want...

The Lab Community

Find like-minded, supportive friends who are working on their online businesses, too. Get help when you need it, from David and everybody else. It runs 24/7, and is available on your schedule, on demand.

Member Feedback System

Get private 1-on-1 feedback from David on any aspect of your business. You'll have personal access to a mentor, there to help you alleviate confusions or just give you feedback so you don't feel so alone in your ideas.

Office Hours Sessions

Live streaming sessions in our private Live Training Room, where you can get help directly from David on any matter. Never feel like you're all alone and that there's nobody there to help you. Can submit requests in advance if you can't attend and grab recordings.

Integrated Training Support

Request forms and "pit stops" are built into our training and the Roadmap so that training doesn't become a one-way spectator sport. Instead, you'll have two-way access to David and the team as you progress.

My goal is to make enough support available to all Lab members that the only way you feel alone is if you want to be. Lab members have enough options available to them to be like a small group coaching program, yet done at scale and at a much more economical cost to you.

Our Private Member-Only Forums Are The Life Blood Of Our Community

The Lab Community is a private, distraction-free environment for all Lab members to get real-time advice, feedback, encouragement and accountability.

The forums are going 24/7 and David is in there every single day answering questions. We also highlight some of the best conversations in our weekly members-only newsletter.

Our forum is also usable via mobile app as well as via email. It is free of the noise, lost conversations and mindless chitchat typical of Facebook groups.

My experience so far with the The Lab is that it's fantastic. I follow the Community daily. It's terrific and gives me the sense of having some colleagues in this strange endeavor. So, I'm anxious but excited. Thanks SO MUCH for your work. (Oh, and your podcast is great too.)

Virginia Wiles

Additional Bonuses

These bonuses aren't the focus of The Lab, but we thought you should know you'll also have access to these exclusive benefits...

The Daily Archives

The Daily is our exclusive email newsletter, sent every weekday, which includes content and strategies not found on the blog. While it is free, there is no way to access back issues. However, as a Lab member, you will have access to the full archives.

Service Partners

Technical stuff is a part of online business. I find and vet proven service providers who can help you implement various aspects of The Roadmap - if you choose to hire to speed things up. Coming very soon.

Discounted Coaching

Members on the Gold Plan will have a coaching call each month with David. Other Lab members can scheduled a personal call with David at any time for an exclusive 61% discount off the non-member rate. On demand calls, but when you need one, you'll pay less.

Exclusive Discounts

We work to line up special discounts on proven tools of the trade and bring them to our members. If we're unable to line up a deal with them, sometimes we'll even set up an "in house" discount. Coming very soon.

Why I Do This...

I remember sitting in grade school when I was a kid. Looking out the window of the classroom at the outside world, watching the cars going by. I remember thinking how lucky they were because.... they were free. While I was stuck in school.

Of course, I grew up some and realized that adults just changed the walls. When you're a kid, it's the classroom you don't want to be in. When you're older, it's the walls of your job.

No thank you. I don't want to be told where I have to be and when. I want to live life on my own terms.

Today, I do what I do because I want my whole family to be able to live life on our terms. We love to travel (and often do in our RV) and I want to be able to do that freely. My wife works with me now, and we homeschool our kids.

Back in college, I decided that the 9-5 and the life in a cubicle wasn’t for me. Not everybody is cut out for it. There are people in this world who want to make the world better by fulfilling their own passions and following their own rules.

I’m here for those people. Blog Marketing Academy is here for those people. And to the extent that you choose the particular path that I have, that’s my mission.