Course Library

Here are just a few of the courses inside the Lab Training Library...

The Facebook Ads Blueprint

The Expanded Redwood Strategy

The Business Building Bootcamp

Finding Your

The Content Marketing Clinic

One Page Online Business Plan

The Product Creation Blueprint

Building Your Blog
Profit Funnel

Building A Content Marketing Plan

The Membership Site Blueprint

The Perfect Blog

Building Your Email Followup Engine

And 12 More! (and new courses coming out all the time)

You can stop feeling like you always have to buy another training course, since you'll have all you need in one place. And all of it aligned by the Online Business Roadmap.

The Lab Course Library is changing all the time with new updates and additions. You can see a current (as of November 2017) screenshot of the entire course library to the left.

Courses mostly consist of online video with some text-only lessons mixed in. All courses include:

  • Easy navigation with ability to check lessons off when completed to easily keep track of progress.
  • Built-in ability to playback videos at increased speed
  • Transcripts for all videos
  • Audio versions of all videos (in MP3) for easy on-the-go listening
  • Ability to mark individual lessons as "favorites" so you can access the most immediate and actionable lessons (across the whole library) on a single screen

The courses also include numerous downloadable tools as part of the training, including printable worksheets, swipe files, templates and more. And to keep you from always wondering where to find that document later in the library, we combine all of it into our Document Library.

The Course Library is large. 763 videos in total - and growing all the time. It spans a body of work which begins with my first training course from 2009 (which sold at the time for $497 and was a six-figure product launch on it's own). But, now, I've combined ALL of it into one single-access library.

And to avoid overwhelm, it is all united and given a sense of order by The Roadmap.

Who Should Join The Lab?


As a blogger, you already know what a tough job it is to make decent money with banner ads. And the quest to start a real business out of it is a minefield of conflicting advice and overpriced products. Inside the Lab, we zero in on the shortest possible path to income... assuming no product, no list. We WILL get there.

Business Owner

If you're a business owner already, most likely you're strapped for time. And the idea of spending countless hours researching the in's and out's of online marketing... well, you just don't have time. You need shortcuts. You need systems. You need it all in one place. That's exactly what you'll find in the Lab.

Consultant / Coach

As a coach, you likely have two needs: (1) To get more clients, and (2) To find a way to scale without your time becoming scarce. This model is perfect for you. First, we'll set up a lead funnel to get you more leads predictably. Secondly, we're going to build the leverage so that you're not stuck trading your time for money.

Course Creators

Oh... the Lab is perfect for you! As a course creator, the ultimate business model for you is to have your own membership site platform where you can sell your courses in-house, keep 100% of the profits, and build your own funnels. You'll have all the training - and the assistance - inside the Lab.