Frequently Asked Questions​

Got some questions about The Lab? No problem!

Below, I've prepared answers to some of the more common questions we get. If you have anything else you'd like to ask, get in touch. You can send us an email or you can spark up a conversation with us via Facebook Messenger.

Is this membership right for me if I'm brand new and just getting started?

How long does it take to begin making money?

Can I benefit from The Lab if my business is already started and doing OK?

Do I have to have a blog - or be a blogger - in order to gain value from the Lab?

Is the content available right away or is it time-released?

Can I benefit from The Lab if I'm not using Wordpress?

Will you be adding more content, or is everything in there already?

Can I get one-on-one help and support for my project?

What if I don't like The Lab once I'm in there?

Why should I join The Lab today rather than waiting?

How does The Lab compare to other training programs by other people?

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Is the Business Building Bootcamp included with The Lab membership?