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Build Your Dream Online Business Powered By Your Own Blog

Our goal is simplicity. We do that through our step-by-step Roadmap, courses, coaching, workshops and community.

Oh, and personal support through the Tech Concierge and Help Hotline so you always have a helping hand.

Imagine owning a business where you can set your own terms. You can run it anywhere, anytime. You can take it on the road, a home office or a coffee shop. And your earnings potential has no artificial limits.

Imagine a life with a new balance. Where, yes... you work hard. But, you get to play and relax, too. Spend time with family. It is your schedule and you run it the way you want.

Imagine that you're doing this by working on something you really love. You get to help people by doing something you enjoy. And at the center of all of this is a blog-based business that attracts new people each and every day.

Is it possible? Of course. People are doing it every single day and I've been personally doing it for over 20 years.

Is it easy? Hehehe.... not so much. It is challenging. But also incredibly satisfying...

What makes building a blog-based business such a challenge?

A lot of people who start this journey give up before they break through that ceiling. The first dollar earned is always the hardest. So what gets in the way?

Focusing only on the blog, not the business.

The simple truth is that a blog doesn't make money. A business does. When you focus on establishing the core fundamentals of the business first, the blog falls in place.

Getting confused and stuck on the niche.

Focusing on niche as "what to blog about" is a trap. It simply doesn't work. Instead, we need to focus on the business idea. A good market is a group of people who want something that you can deliver and are willing to pay for it. We have very specific processes to run through, right at the beginning, to establish this with confidence before you go off writing a bunch of blog posts.

Getting overwhelmed and confused.

Success is a combination of ideas and execution. But, it is easy to get so overwhelmed with ideas that you snow yourself in and... barely anything gets done. By giving a predictable order and going one step at a time - plus being there to help alleviate confusions so you don't get side-tracked - we can help shed the overwhelm.

The Technology!

There's no getting around it, but there's some tech involved in this journey. Wordpress, plug-ins, hosting... getting it all to work. It is a blessing because the tech has never been better, but you still need to know how to use it and what to pick. Through our Tech Library, Tech Concierge and our personal hand-holding on all things "tech", you always have a calm, confident helping hand to help you over any tech speed bump.


Support isn't just having access to a ticket system. That's too impersonal. To us, it means much more. First, it means having access to all the courses, workshops, office hours and resources all in one place without feeling like you're constantly being upsold. Secondly, it means having real access to real humans who actually care about your success.

I think the best thing about the Lab is that David has broken down a really big thing (turning a blog into a business) into it's small component parts and made it manageable and actionable. I find myself feeling in control of my progress and confident of success without the feeling of overwhelm that's plagued me for years when it comes to online business.

James G

I just had to pause everything to congratulate you on absolutely phenomenal training program, I have never come across such a complete program. I am very excited to progress through all your programs and action tasks as I am certain it will lead me to my goals.

Anastasia P


THE LAB is the training, support, community and coaching platform of the Blog Marketing Academy. It is where the action happens.

Here's a look at what you can expect...

Every Single Course In Our Course Library - Plus Automatic Access To All Courses As They're Released

You won't need to purchase any of our courses separately... because they're ALL included. You will gain immediate access to all 27 courses of our library (over 800 lessons). You will also gain instant access to all new releases without needing to buy anything else. A few of the courses you will get are:

  • The Membership Site Blueprint
  • Email Marketing Engine
  • Perfect Blog Blueprint
  • Offers That Convert
  • Business Building Bootcamp
  • Product Creation Blueprint
  • Blog Profit Funnels
  • Step Into Your A Game

Full Access To Our Tech Training Library

Included with your PRO membership is the full Tech Library, a whole separate course library dedicated solely to the tech of this business. This includes a full series on using Wordpress (beginner and advanced), the Essentials series with David walking you through using various online business tools, and tech workshops.

This library is growing quickly. We even take requests and will be happy to provide assistance on individual tools our students use.

The Online Business Roadmap Walks You Through Everything, Step By Step, Starting From Scratch

The Lab's unique step-by-step Roadmap guides you through everything that you need to do to start, grow and scale your online business... starting from scratch.

Always know what to work on, in what order... and have plenty of guidance along the way.

I'm also expanding the Roadmap and will be adding new mini-tracks to the system, and members get automatic access as it is released.

Direct, Personal Support. Direct From David And The Community. You Will Never Be Alone.

We offer more support than pretty much any member community out there. It begins with daily, personal involvement from me (David). I answer ever member email personally. I sometimes send video answers. I get to know many of my members on a first-name basis.

As a member, you will be able to access The Help Hotline to get individual, personalized answers on any matter of your business. Members often use it for lead magnet feedback, feedback on new strategies, niche advise, blog and landing page feedback, etc.

We also have the Tech Concierge specifically to help alleviate tech confusions. It can be used to figure out a tech issue, get advice on tool selection and integrations.

We also have a supportive member community - inside a distraction-free environment. In fact, the entire LAB is a social learning environment with the ability to ask questions on all lessons, ask questions in the forums, and soon we'll even have member groups, private messaging and more.

Live Office Hours Sessions And Live Workshop Trainings

Our Office Hours Sessions are live, interactive Q&A sessions where no question or request goes unanswered. Whether it be a question or a request for feedback, you will get the answer you need. You can also pre-submit requests in case you cannot attend live. All sessions are recorded and indexed for easy reference.

Our LAB Workshops are roughly an hour long, highly actionable, and designed to keep you informed on the latest strategies.

All events are held inside our Live Classroom... with a direct live video feed and chatroom.

Oh, And Don't Forget...

  • Full Access To The Document Vault. Starter members have access to a select set of documents from the library. As a PRO member, you'll get everything. Every template. Every swipe file. Every shortcut.
  • Quick Wins. You'll have full access to our library of "Quick Wins" for over-the-shoulder how-to's and quick strategies that you can implement fast and see results.
  • Steep Discounts On Services. As a PRO member, you have the unique ability to (optionally) book strategy session credits (to book coaching calls) and/or tech service credits (to have us do setup work on your site) at a steep discount over the general public. Credits don't expire and can be used anytime. 
  • All Office Hours & Workshop Session Recordings. You will have access to all past sessions.... plus have the freedom of not having to adapt to our schedule for live sessions. You won't miss a thing!

The Lab is literally a godsend. I don't ever say that about anything, but I truly believe it. I have been knowing that I need to build an online business for a while now. I've been tutoring in person with a lot of success but have hit limits on how much I can feasibly grow my business when I only have so many hours in a day. Expanding into online offerings has been what I know I need to do. But having the motivation and even the confidence that you can do something well isn't always enough. You need coaching. You need someone who's been down the road already and is willing to share their expertise. That's David and the Lab. Obviously he is running his own business and wanting to make a living at it...but he's not "in it for the money". He's present, he's personal. He's an actual coach for his members. That's priceless. And the content is fantastic. Covering nearly everything you'd need to get a business up and running, from the quick start boot camp, to lead magnet creation, to Facebook ads, to overcoming the mind games and habits that keep people from just doing it. Join.

It's worth the investment. It will be the kick in the pants, the inspiration, AND the guidance you need to succeed. I've established a solid business growth plan. I've created lead magnets with potential. And I'm MOVING.

If you've been wandering around the internet trying to cut and paste knowledge and how-tos from all kinds of different sources...stop. Join us. The amount of value in this Lab is so worth your money. The videos and worksheets and courses alone are worth far more than the $35 price tag. Add David's personal involvement into the mix, and you've got a priceless investment that will bring doubt.

Matt Hallock

Ready To Get Started?

There is no better time to get started than right now to become a PRO member.

I built THE LAB in order to be a "one stop shop". To make things simple. To provide straight-shooting guidance and strategy in a world full of hype.

I also built it in order to counter the incomplete and misleading "advice" being given by too many others that leads people astray on their online business journey. Their advice is outdated, theoretical, or just not even practical.

I started the Academy in 2008... after 10 years of running a six-figure tech blog. And I saw a lot of advice being given that wasn't reflective of reality. I started this site to do something about it.

One thing to know about THE LAB is that I try to make it as personal as possible. Unlike some, this isn't a big numbers game to me. There are enough companies out there that treat you like a number. Not here. You will find this to be a personal, friendly experience.

And keep in mind... it isn't just about the training that's on the inside. It is about the support, too. I'm here. My job is to help you... to get you over the little speed bumps. We're in this together - all of us. That's what THE LAB is all about.

See you inside shortly.

- David Risley
Founder, Blog Marketing Academy

David knows his stuff and has a gift for delivering his educational experience in a way that anyone can digest and implement. He also has a rare ability to both help you maximize your profits as quickly as possible while always stressing that the only way to do that is by providing real value to the audience you serve. David proves that integrity and profitability need not be at odds!

Alex B


This was an awesome experience! I tend to sometimes become directionless during my day and end up in a state of overwhelm. The tools I received from this course are very easy-to-implement tools that I am excited to use and now I feel I will be able to manage my time with much greater ease. Thanks David!

Brandy M


I love the straight forward simple approach to how these courses are laid out! there's no fluff, just facts and steps to get you closer to where you want to be!

Shandi J


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me if I'm starting from scratch?

Absolutely. In fact, starting from scratch is perfect. It is your opportunity to start from square one - with Phase 1 of the Roadmap - and simply go in order. You have the opportunity to get dialed in on the things which really matter... and avoid going off into the weeds like so many people usually do when they try to figure out how to do it all by themselves.

How often do you release new content?

Typically, we are releasing new course material (either an update or a new one) each month, a workshop each month, and one office hours per month. Very shortly, we're looking to speed up the schedule for workshops and office hours - and perhaps doing some member challenges.

What skills do I already need to get the most out of the LAB?

Simply the willingness to learn and the willingness to do the work. There are no pre-requisites. THE LAB is very well suited to beginners. There are no stupid questions. In fact, often it is the "stupid questions" that are the most helpful to members and helps make sure I stay grounded and make exactly what is most helpful to you.

Do I need to be technical with Wordpress to make this work?

No. We've got some basic Wordpress training inside THE LAB. I take care to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to tech recommendations. And don't forget, the LAB has all the support you'll ever need. I've been known (many times) to record private walk-through videos just to show members how to do some particular thing. I'm good at the tech stuff, and I love to help out. I'm always here.

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked in?

You are never under any contract. You can cancel any time you want. You're always in control.

Will this work if I want to do affiliate marketing?

Sure. There are a few things you may adjust along the way, but the overall model we're building together can work just as well if you are using affiliate products instead of your own.

What happens if I am still unsure about my niche?

Don't worry, we've had many members join us who are exactly in the same boat. We've got several courses inside THE LAB aimed directly at the very beginning phases. Often, the thought process you'll go through as you go through those courses will provide some "aha moments" to firm up your market ideas. But, know this... my goal is to keep you from wasting a ton of time blindly pursuing some niche idea that might not ever work out. I'm here to guide you through it.

Can I get one-on-one coaching and support for my project?

Your LAB membership comes with multiple options for support, including the office hours, the Help Hotline, the LAB Community Forum, and more. For many members, these support options are plenty. If you would like to do a strategy call 1-on-1, you will have the option to purchase strategy call credits inside your account at a member-exclusive discount. While coaching calls are not included with membership, the discount provided to LAB members makes direct, personal coaching much more affordable than you will ever find anyplace else.

Will you help me build/fix my website?

You can get tech support via the normal, built-in support channels of THE LAB. If you really need direct, hands-on work, that option is available at an additional charge. Just like coaching calls, you can purchase Tech Service Credits inside your account at a member-exclusive discount. You can redeem those credits to have "done for you" work done on your Wordpress site.

Got other questions? Shoot us an email anytime:


Access To Expertise

Tap into over 20 years of experience in the industry (most of it NOT in the online marketing space). If you are dealing with it, there's a good chance I already have and can help you through it.


This is a hype-free zone and I've been doing this too long to get suckered into fads. You can always count on me to give it to you straight and help you avoid the hype and the tricks.

All In ONE

No longer feel like you have more to buy. Your PRO membership in the LAB gives you access to every course and training resource for one easy investment.


I have more of an extensive technical background than most in this field. Not only am I usually able to help you over any tech issue you may have, but I'll be there to answer your questions individually and personally.

Personal Touch

I am heavily and personally involved in every aspect of THE LAB. Members always feel they're getting direct, personal help... and I always keep it real and personal.

Total Support

Members have access to all the support they'd ever need... because I firmly believe that all the training in the world doesn't matter unless it is backed up by real, personal support. The only way you'll feel alone... is if you want to be.

You are the freaking man. Because of you, and your website, I made 20k in a year. And I didn't do anything from the months August - November. I'm going to give you a HUGE high-five if we ever meet in real life.

Ron McKie

Getting into THE LAB I thought I was going to go through a training on how to build a business through blogging and found it far more. I'm more excited after this first training then I was in signing up in the beginning. I would say anyone that wants to bring balance while building their business seeing wins every step of the way needs to join BMA.

Roger House

I’m dazzled by what David and Malika have created and I hope to do something similar within my specialty. I love the straight-forward instruction and practical way you show us what to do and how you teach from your experience. Even more impactful to me... I love how you and Malika are real, care about our experience with the Lab, and don’t leave me questioning your business motives, integrity, or sincerity. THANK YOU!!

Eddie S.

Ready To Get Started?

There is no better time to get started than right now to become a PRO member.