Day 8: LeadPlayer: The Video Player All Bloggers Should Be Using. #30plugins


This is Day 8 of the 30 Days, 30 Killer Wordpress Plug-ins Series.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve embedded a Youtube video or two on your blog. Perhaps you’ve embedded other kinds of videos on your site.

Now what if I told you that, if you did it the Youtube way, you were totally wasting your time?

Well, you would be… if you didn’t do it using LeadPlayer.

I am using LeadPlayer for ALL of my public videos. Including this one where I’ll tell you more about it…

Here are the exact reasons I choose to use LeadPlayer over other solutions:

  1. No additional hosting demands, since it is using Youtube.
  2. I can add my own opt-in forms and calls to action over top the videos.
  3. I can easily control the video thumbnail.
  4. I have the ability to assign calls to action on an individual video basis… or globally. Imagine being able to have a GLOBAL call to action across ALL videos on your site, and change it on the fly. Pretty sweet. 🙂

… and because it uses Youtube, that means you can use LeadPlayer to embed OTHER people’s videos. You will retain all the capabilities of LeadPlayer, and you didn’t even have to create the video.

ANY time you have embedded a Youtube video on your blog, you had the opportunity to use it for building your email list. But, you had to be using LeadPlayer to do it.


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  1. Well that sucks… They’ve stopped selling LeadPlayer plugin. Is there another similar plugin available? I was really looking forward to using LeadPlayer… too bad.

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