The Perfect Blog Blueprint

Step by step, element by element, page by page... we will build not just a blog, but a strategically engineered content marketing environment proven to generate leads and sales.

20 Years Of Trial And Error On Hundreds Of 
Blog Layouts Has Led To This

A blog is a POWERFUL marketing medium. For an online business, it is the best foundation you can have. Even for an offline business, it can serve as a highly efficient marketing tool.

But, the thing is...

It will only work if that blog is designed according to proven best practices.

It can't be just a blog... it must be a strategically designed content marketing environment.

Every page, every element, every widget... all of it put there (or left out) for a reason. Just because a theme comes a certain way, or there's a plug-in to introduce some feature... doesn't mean it should be there.

Over the course of 20 years of blogging as the basis for my business model, testing hundreds of different designs, features and elements in a variety of different layouts, I have determined that there are certain principles that work better than others.

In other words, there IS a blueprint for the perfect blog.

This doesn't mean your design must comply with a specific look and feel. Within this blueprint, there is indeed much room for creativity. However, there is a framework that I have found works.

If you're just blogging for fun, then by all means... do whatever you want. But...

If you want your blog to generate leads and sales...

... if you want your blog to be efficient in converting even fairly small quantities of traffic into email subscribers...

... and if you want your blog to rank in search, load quickly and, in short, fuel your business...

... then I encourage you to put your blog together based on the principles of the Perfect Blog Blueprint.

Course Outline

This course includes...

  • 24 video lessons
  • 4 Hours, 14 Minutes Total Viewing Time
  • Lifetime access to all future additions and updates

You Will Discover...

  • The perfect blog layout
  • The ideal site width, content width and spacing
  • The best fonts, font size and line spacing
  • Pros and cons of a blog sidebar (and if you do have one, which side should it go on? Left or right?)
  • The contents of your sidebar (and what should be avoided)
  • The best locations for your opt-in forms, ranked in order or highest conversion
  • What should (and should not) be included in your navigation menus
  • What an optimized homepage looks like and what's included
  • The formula for a perfect about page
  • Building the perfect contact us page (and how this often ignored page can actually help you drive sales if set up right)
  • The most valuable pages on your whole site... and what to do with them to maximize impact
  • How to strategically engineer your blog's branding... and build that brand into the very layout of your site
  • How to determine your unique value proposition and "hook"
  • The psychology of blog color schemes... so you can pick the right colors for your business and not only what "looks nice"
  • How to effectively utilize blog comments to further your marketing aims
  • The point-by-point anatomy of the perfect blog post
  • How to optimize the site speed (very important for SEO today)
  • How to fully integrate your blog into your overall marketing stack (with tracking and tags)

Will You Be Able To Implement The Blueprint
Even Without Technical Skills?

Many of my customers don't have the nerd cred. Many find themselves feeling as if they have to accept whatever their theme provides them because they lack the skills necessary to change it.

These days, however, those barriers are much, much less. See...

There are now numerous page builders available for Wordpress. My personal favorite (and top recommendation) is Thrive Architect. However, there are others such as Beaver Builder, Divi and Elementor (among others). Even Wordpress itself now ships with a new editor called Gutenburg. While we're still in the early days of that one, the point is... it is becoming easier and easier to implement this blueprint even without any coding or HTML skills... or without an expertise in Photoshop.

As long as you're willing to install the right tool, you will be able to implement this Blueprint. I guarantee that.

Furthermore... as a student of this course, you will have an exclusive (steep) discount available to you if you simply want us to do the work for you. Whether you need a helping hand... or want us to set up your whole site for you, you will have the option (no pressure) to have us do it for you at a steep discount over what others are asked to pay.

As a student, you will also have access to plenty of help via our tech support form. You ask... we answer. It is like having access to a tech concierge. So, whether you choose to just have your questions answered... or have us simply for it for you... you will have the backup to make this happen even if you're not a tech genius.

I guarantee you... you can do this. :)

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Ready To Optimize Your Blog According To Best Conversion Practices?

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