Email Marketing Engine

The engine that drives a scalable online business isn't just the email list... but what gets sent to it.

This course is about everything that happens after they opt-in. Build a powerful email marketing engine... even if you're not the greatest writer.

So, you've built an email list. Or perhaps you're still working on that. After all, it is one of those things that never stops.

But, then you get "blank slate syndrome".

It is like writing an essay...  or even a sales letter. You sit there and look at that blank document or that blank piece of paper. And you just feel... stuck.

How do you start? What do you say?

It can be paralyzing. The confusion on what to do and what to say is, too often, met with procrastination.

The same thing happens to people with their email list all the time. They've got email subscribers, but then they drop the ball. They don't email them much of anything. Because...

What do you say in the emails? When do you send to them? How often? In what tone?

It wastes a hugely valuable asset. Even small email lists (even with 100 or less subscribers) can be valuable lists if you send the right stuff to them.

But, how do you do that?

Is This What Your Email Marketing Looks Like Now?

Do you wonder what to write for your email subscribers?

I mean, after you send them the lead magnet or a welcome email, do you get confused as to what you should do after that?

Do you just send them your latest blog posts because you don't really know else to do?

Or, you've heard about autoresponders. You know that every high-functioning online business out there has these automated campaigns running 24/7. But, how do YOU do it to YOUR subscribers? It seems like it should be easy, but... sitting there looking at that email writing screen is daunting.

  • How do you talk to your email subscribers?
  • What do you send them? When and how often?
  • How do you get ideas for new stuff to send?
  • How do you use autoresponders? And... how do you use it alongside your broadcast emails?
  • How do you keep your subscribers interested and engaged?
  • How do you use more advanced strategies like segmentation and tagging to implement real, targeted marketing campaigns?

Email Is The Engine Of Your Business

Building your email list is like putting gas in your car. It is potential energy. But, it doesn't do anything for you until you start the engine.

But, once you turn that ignition key, the engine roars to life! Hit that gas pedal and the car goes.

An email list, alone, is like an engine which is just sitting there. It isn't going to do you any good until you hit the "go" button. Once it is running, then your business begins to move down the proverbial road. And you can increase speed over time.

Your email list is the engine. But, it has to be USED.

And just like an engine which hasn't run in a long time, your list can go stale if it isn't used. So, it is best to use it routinely... and use it smartly.


The Email Marketing Engine

​Course Outline

This course includes...

  • 31 training videos
  • All downloadable worksheets, swipe files and checklists
  • Swipe files to help you create your own email campaigns
  • Full Transcripts and Slides Downloads
  • Audio Downloads for "on the go" listening

You Will Discover...

  • The subscriber life cycle - and how to talk to them at different stages
  • Exactly how to segment your email list into different groups so that you can send laser-targeted messaging they'll want
  • How to make the best use of tagging and custom fields
  • The 6 different types of email followup campaigns - with exact guidance on how to do each
  • The 3-point triangle that will guide your email marketing strategy
  • How to engage your subscribers and get them to talk back
  • How to develop your own personal brand and voice... and then weave it into your emails
  • How to plan out an email marketing sequence, start to finish
  • Specific strategies for ongoing engagement with your "general list"
  • How your autoresponders and your broadcasts work together - and how to automate it.
  • Specific instructions on the 5 kinds of automated email campaigns - with examples and swipe copy
  • How to take care of email list mechanics, like lead magnet delivery, opt-ins forms, etc.
  • How to maximize your email delivery rates
  • How to use lead scoring to put the money-making power of your list on the next level
  • How to structure your emails so they work on different platforms
  • Much more

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