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Blog Monetization For Today's Internet

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  • What makes the difference between blogs that are easy to monetize... and those which are hard.
  • The "map" to use to find tons of content ideas - as well as product ideas
  • How traffic has changed immensely on today's internet
  • How you can turn traffic into a lever that you can control - easily
  • The exact layout of the business machine which sits beneath your blog - and generates revenue 24/7
  • How to turn blogging into a high-leverage activity, rather than a time-sucking activity which is under-recognized

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Justin Brooke

There's no shortage of blogging experts talking about how to write blog posts or tips about blog promotion. You're the only one we can find who's actually giving actionable blog 'business building' advice. Like, parts of blogging that actually make money. Other experts turn you into an article writing slave attached 24/7 to the computer hoping for trickles of traffic from the Google gods and praying for sales... BLOGMARKETINGACADEMY IS AWESOME!!

Justin Brooke, IMScalable
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