How To Make Money With Webinars Without Making Products

So, webinars are awesome for a variety of reasons. They work well in terms of making sales of a product, too. But, what product? Do you have to have gone through a bunch of work to create your own product in order to have a reason to do a webinar? Nope.

So, webinars are awesome for a variety of reasons. They work well in terms of making sales of a product, too.

But, what product? Do you have to have gone through a bunch of work to create your own product in order to have a reason to do a webinar?


How I Was #1 Affiliate For Traffic School

Some of you may remember the launch of Traffic School a few months back. Corbett Barr released it. It is a fantastic course on how to build traffic. Corbett asked me if I wanted to be an affiliate for it. The prior time he had asked, I wasn’t able to help for timing reasons. But, this time I decided to participate.

I ended up being his #1 affiliate, even beating out my friends Pat Flynn and Derek Halpern. How?

Because I did a webinar with Corbett and they didn’t. Period. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a chance. I also offered a pretty killer bonus, so I’m sure that helped. 🙂

The formula, then, is…

Affiliate Marketing + Webinars = $$$

This is how you can use webinars, make money, help your audience… and not have to build the product yourself.

The logistics of this shouldn’t be a mystery. It works very similar to how you would use a blog post to promote a product. You can even avoid “the pitch” and still market an affiliate product if you want. Like this.

So, here’s what you do…

  1. Identify a product you would like to promote to your audience as an affiliate.
  2. Create a presentation you can deliver which is related to that product. The presentation should be helpful and useful, and mostly pure content. If the webinar is going to be an hour long, then you should have at least 45-50 minutes of good, solid content in there before you ever even talk about the product. An exception would be if the entire point of the webinar is how to use that product.
  3. Set up an RSVP page to invite people onto your webinar.
  4. Drive traffic to the webinar.
  5. Deliver the webinar. Record it as you do it.
  6. Take the recording, edit it up to make it professional, and make it available in order to drive additional sales even after the live event is over.
  7. Optionally, put the replays of that webinar on autopilot.

What this does is creates a high-converting sales funnel for your blog – all while providing high-value content which you’re proud to refer your readers into – and all while not having to actually create the product yourself.

And, I forgot to mention…. doing all of this will build your list and your traffic. People RSVP for webinars so you get their emails. Put them on your list. Use the list to bring people into your blog. The whole thing perpetuates and grows.

Thinking Beyond The Blog

As a blogger looking to make money, you’re really in the content marketing business. You’re using content to sell things indirectly.

To make money with your blog, you need to have a business backend of some kind. The blog itself probably isn’t going to make a dime unless you litter it with annoying ads.

When you think beyond your blog, big things happen. Webinars, done strategically, are an awesome way to go about it.


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  1. Hi David,

    One question I am struggling with is how best to get people to “click” (or type in) my affiliate link during a webinar?

    …I am promoting products that can be easily bought by anyone by just going directly to the main website themselves or Googling the product name; web hosting for example is one of my products.

    I can try to offer some kind of bonus, but I’m still struggling with how to control this effectively. It’s the “logistics” that are paralyzing me!

    When working with these big companies it’s not as though I can get some special page on their site that will automatically include my bonus in their purchase of course…

    Thanks so much for your valuable insight and advice on this relevant topic!

    1. Tell them they have to claim their bonus by emailing you their receipt, then ask them to opt into a special list to get that bonus. This will get them on buyer list. It will depend on them to come and do that.

      Could also make your affiliate links point to an in-between page that you create which pre-sells it and explains the bonus. Then, forward them on.

  2. Hey David, thanks for this great advice: i didn’t do a webinar until today, but I can clearly see the benefits of it. Congratulations to your success by the way 🙂

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