The Simple 3-Step Formula To Making More Money

What is the secret to getting more money? What is the secret sauce? The secret combination? Well, after careful and studious concentration, meditation and pondering, I'm ready to share this realization with you today.

What is the secret to getting more money?

What is the secret sauce?

The secret combination?

Well, after careful and studious concentration, meditation and pondering, I’m ready to share this realization with you today.

Here is the simple 3-step formula:

  1. Produce
  2. Deliver
  3. Get paid.

OK, so not making enough money?

Are you producing something of value that others need or want?

Are you getting the result of your work into the hands of those who need it in adequate volume?

And, are you getting paid for it?

If you’re not making the money you want, then where are you breaking down?

Have a production problem? Have a delivery problem? Or have a collection problem?

It can only be one of the 3.

Sorry if you expected this to be more complicated than it really is.


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  1. Posts like these are quite interesting and really give you a lot to think about, despite their short length and seeming simplicity. Actually, I think most people tend to make things overly complicated instead of trying to simplify. Well, you hit a home run with this simple formula.

    According to this post there are only three steps to making more money. You produce something of value that people are willing to pay for, then you deliver it in enough volume and finally, get paid. Perfect.

    The real key to this I think is to deliver in enough volume. This encompasses a whole lot of techniques and strategies, such as building a list in order to have enough interested prospects, driving traffic to your sites, and so much more.

  2. It is easy to say Produce, deliver and get paid but had to do because in this process there are a lot of troubles sometimes. However your points are very important and effective to understand the technicalities of making more money. 

  3. Yes, these are three main steps of getting money from your production. But before entering in any market you have to do a deep research on your target market and the audience to whom you are going to offer your products. This research and its analysis make your product according to need of your audience and they will definitely buy your product and pay you for your effort.

  4. It really is that simple, my revenue has increased a lot since I started spending more time producing work that gets paid, than doing things that I think may one day lead to some sort of passive income.

  5. RESEARCH should be the preliminary step. Do you have a viable product for an existing market? But, it really is that simple, isn’t it?

  6. I’d like to add one simple thing if I may. 
    Produce a PAID product.   Now that might sound obvious but many “gurus” insist you can create free info and use it to make good money with affiliate products, and to a certain extent I have found that to be true,  but not as much as if you have a paid product.  In other words, like you always say David, create a paid product (or find good aff.) and build a blog to market that.  Don’t just build a free blog and then wonder what you are going to sell. 


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