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Hello! I am a professional dog trainer specializing for the last 15+ years in helping people who love their dogs safely prepare for adding, and living with, a human baby. When you are expecting a baby and already have a dog, you get a lot of random and sometimes dangerous advice, which leaves parents unsure what to expect or what to do if they run into problems. My approach goes beyond just introducing the baby to the dog by teaching everyone – parents, dog and baby – how to work together from pregnancy all the way through preschool to achieve family harmony. “We win as a team!” is my motto!

I am working on refreshing my website/blog after a hiatus of a few years and reworking my class materials and book project into an online class format. I tend towards DIY but have only a low/moderate tech skillset when it comes to Wordpress sites so I’m looking forward to learning more here.



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I am rebranding my business to Baby-Safe Dog Training as I move my classes into an online format. Besides setting up the courses, I need to rework my old website ( and move to my new domain ( Lots to do and learn!!


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