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I have always run two businesses.

  1. I am a business coach specializing in breaking down the big picture into actionable steps and holding my clients accountable. I am not actively building this business except through my network – really, I am pretty inactive – except for my clients of course. I have a deep dive program, “Results Accelerated” with intimate 1:1 coaching and a MasterMind group. I work with women, 50+ who are in the holistic arena, either through counseling and alternative therapies or through helping business owners in the holistic arena build their business through marketing.
  2. More of my time is with The Potted Desert, an education platform that resulted in my 15-year business, the Contained Gardener which I sold in 2012. I have a healthy email list (free with 2500), give online classes, and in Nov 2019 started an invisible blog with a subscription that has really turned into a membership program. I am up to 50 members and my goal is to get it to 100 in 2021.

My goals for The Potted Desert are to have a very simple system to bring people into the membership, create content for them, and offer add-on education through books, classes, and limited online consultations.
Currently, I am NOT using a membership plug in and am working through how to run this ship without more programs.


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To grow a membership platform for Desert dwellers who want to have container gardens like back home.

To keep my systems as simple as possible as I carry this business through my retirement years.


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