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Hi, I worked for many years as an osteopath, at the moment I still have some clients that I care about, but I dedicated myself to teaching Qi Gong classes.

I thought it would be good to prevent pain instead of having to treat it. I love teaching. I already have a course at Udemy, I created it to test the acceptance and also to learn.

So I am learning WordPress, photo and video editing … I learn as I do. It hasn’t been one of the easiest things but … it is going.

I’m Portuguese, I live near Lisbon in a village by the sea. My English is not wonderful, which intimidates me a little in participating in online communities.

The main reason I came to the forum was to see how it works, and I like David’s vídeos. I speaks slowly, I understand 🙂

So, here I am 🙂

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