Lots of Academy readers are looking to make money from their websites.

A lot of people realize the power of continuity income… making money via monthly renewal payments. And, so, starting up a membership site is something which is on a lot of people’s lists.

But, how?

How does one go about actually setting up a membership site? How do you set up the content protection, the various pages? How do you manage your members? How do you process recurring payments?

Or perhaps you’ve done a little research already and have picked up a copy of Wishlist Member. Perhaps even OptimizePress. Or… perhaps even Premise.

But, then what?

Have you gotten confused on how to set up Wishlist Member? What do all those settings mean?

And, what about OptimizePress? That thing has a ton of settings and options. It has numerous templates. And it has about a million settings on each and every page you set up. And, have you seen those short codes?

Simply put, even buying the necessary pieces for your membership site is no guarantee you’ll be up and running. It can be pretty overwhelming, even when trying to view the tutorial videos that come with these solutions.

The Next Academy Master Class

In addition to the main Academy membership, I am also doing a series of live training workshops. I’m dubbing them the Master Class series.

I just recently wrapped up the delivery of the first of the series: Demolishing The Blogging Technical Confusions. That one was a biggie and I had about 50 students go through the class in real-time with me. I will be running it again live in a few months, but in the meantime all the recordings are there. Plus, I’ll be doing occasional (perhaps monthly) bonus Q&A calls for students so they can continue to get technical assistance with their blogs from me personally.

From there, I’m setting up to deliver the second Master Class: The Membership Site Academy Master Class.

Like the tech workshop, this will be a LIVE online class, with me doing a mix of pre-planned teaching and taking your questions. This time, however, we’ll be focusing specifically on the technical setup of a fully functional, Wordpress-powered membership site.

By the end of this class, you’ll have everything you need (in terms of know-how) to bring your membership site to market.

… Because, even the best site idea means nothing if you don’t DELIVER. And, if you’re sitting there fighting the software and getting frustrated by the seemingly endless number of moving parts associated with a membership site… you’re not delivering. That’s all time that you’re not spending creating content and doing marketing. And, THAT’S the important part.

To learn more about this new master class series, click here.

Like the last workshop, there is a one-time enrollment which gets you your ticket to the live workshops, plus all future “re-runs” of it, and all future bonus Q&A bonus calls. I know the word “over-deliver” is damn near a buzzword now days, but its something I take seriously. After all, if you feel a tremendous value from these workshops, you’ll tell others. And it all comes back. Good karma that way.

Live classes begin on Tuesday, September 18th.

I look forward to working with you. 🙂

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