Ending off my little mini-series on gratitude, I want to talk about my family for a bit. You can read my thoughts on gratitude, as well as my thanks… to YOU.

And, yeah, I’m a dad. So, I’m gonna brag my ass off. 🙂

I’m a lucky man. Here’s why…


Those are my kids. I need no bigger motivation than that, really.

Kids are weird. See, they can annoy me to no end sometimes. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some of my escapades with regard to my daughter. I mean, she in her “terrible two’s”, and let me tell you, that shit is REAL. And she’s about to go into her terrorist 3’s. 🙂


But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It means she’s got energy. It means she has spunk. My little boy is the same way…. he’s a bundle of energy and I can tell he’s probably going to make my daughter seem tame by comparison.

My kids are a gift. The word “gratitude” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

And then there’s my wife, Malika. The two of us are like ying and yang, but it works. For one, while I am insanely entrepreneurial and pretty much hate the idea of a regular job – she digs it. In fact, no matter how successful I am with my business online, I expect that she will have a regular job. She’s an engineer and she likes that sort of thing.

My wife and I complete each other, and I don’t mean that in the weird movie-esque stereotypical sense. It literally is the kind of thing where she is good at the things I’m not good at, and vice versa. Where I can be impatient, she’s patient. Where she can be more unorganized, I’m organized. Together, it works.

My entire family is out of my league. My wife is beautiful, my kids are cuter than hell, and then there’s me. Or at least that’s how I see it. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to end off with that. No more needs to be said, really.

I want to leave you with one thing…. I’ve shared what I am grateful for. But, what about you? Perhaps you can share below what you’re grateful for (in comments)…. that is, if you’re not too busy eating your faces off. 😉

Lastly, remember that it should continue past today. Think deeper about gratitude, because as I said a couple days ago, it goes deeper than simply expressing thanks for your life.

Stay awesome.

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