5 Ways To Create Value In Your Offers (And 5 Ways To Sell For More)

How do you actually create value in the things you want to sell on your site? Let’s talk about that. You can use this to brainstorm new offers and/or to “sweeten” an offer you’re already making.

And as a reminder, an offer and a product are NOT the same thing!

This is something I cover in spades in the Offers That Convert course, found in the course library.

The product is the thing you’re selling. It’s the deliverable.

The offer is the outward presentation of it. It is how it is presented to the public on a sales page or in any other format. It is the positioning, the promises, the price, the guarantee… all of it. It is all part of the offer.

And so when I talk about how to create value in your offers, I am talking about ways to position your offer publicly. It will obviously also affect your deliverable because you need to keep your promises with what they’re buying. But, we need to make the deliverable connect with prospects by positioning it along the lines of the things they value most.

So, what are these 5 ways to create value in your offer? They’re actually pretty simple.

#1 – Help people make money. There’s a reason this is one of the biggest markets online. If your product or service will help others make more money and improve their financial status, then make it obvious.

#2 – Help people save money. Can your offer help alleviate other expenses and ultimately save money for your prospect? That’s value. It is higher leverage. Point it out.

#3 – Help people save time. Now, this doesn’t mean just generic productivity stuff. Not “how to get more done with your time”. Instead, you want to focus on alleviating annoying things people don’t want to do. Help people save time by automating or alleviating stuff they don’t want to do.

#4 – Help people gain status. Is the nature of what you offer such that it elevates their reputation, makes people respect them more, or increase social recognition? Or, is there a way you can build that into your offer? There’s a reason luxury brands sell so well.

#5 – Help people escape. This one can take a lot of forms. It could be as simple as escaping their current grind with some good entertainment (ala Netflix, Hulu, etc.), or as personal as helping people escape a massive problem they have in their life (health problem, current life struggles, etc.). The idea here is to remove their problems.

So, those are 5 major ways to create value. Now, let’s talk about 5 ways to really pour on the heat in terms of making this value obvious and therefore making people more likely to buy your offer.

#1 – Speed. The more that you can communicate that your offer is going to remove the TIME and give them what they want really quickly… the more valuable it is. If you’re a service provider, how can you deliver the service as quickly as possible? If it is an online course, how can you really dial things down so that they get their desired outcome quickly rather than feeling like they have to watch a bunch of boring videos?

#2 – “Done For You”. People want outcomes. When it gets right down to it, they don’t want to be taught how to do something and they do it themselves. Some do, sure. But, even for them, what they really want is the outcome as fast as possible. So, how can you offer to take what your market wants… and just do it for them?

#3 – An Experience + Status. People do value an experience that goes beyond the boring life they live. It is a major reason why you see a lot of online companies put together events and conferences. I’ve seen a lot of launches where part of the offer is a free ticket to attend their conference. That makes the course they’re buying more REAL because they know they’re going to get to hang out with others doing the same thing. But, don’t forget people’s need for status and recognition. Can you gamify what you’re doing and point your best customers/members out publicly? How can you elevate the status of your customers so that non-customers look up to it as something they desire?

#4 – Being Ahead Of Others / Competitive Advantage. People can be pretty competitive, and they will often pay for things that promise to get them ahead of the pack. It is the primary draw right now to all of the hype over AI and everybody falling all over themselves to get good at using AI tools. They are all vying for a competitive advantage. There’s a lot of money to be made in this space right now.

#5 – Personal Access. Ironically, in a world of automated speed and AI, the value of personal access has always been and will remain high. It could be phone calls with you, or private communication mediums with direct and fast access to you when needed. It could even be used as a conversion tool where instead of a direct “buy” button for your offer, the call to action is a quick 15-minute call with you where you answer their questions and sell them your offer directly.

The course in the library that goes much deeper into how to create offers that convert is, properly titled, Offers That Convert. How do you craft an offer that your readers will actually want to buy? How do you figure out what they want? How do you present it? How do you price it and sell it? That’s all covered in the course. If you don’t have a ONEPass yet, you can pick it up here and instantly unlock the course for as little as $15.