The 7 word question

There’s a simple 7 word question that can really help you with your blogging and your content marketing.

This question is one that is great to ask your email subscribers sometimes.

You can even post  it as a blog post (albeit with perhaps a bit more explanation) and invite them to comment.

You can build it into your email autoresponder so all NEW subscribers get asked automatically.

The question is simple…

“What is your biggest challenge right now?”

Now, along with this question, you need to extend a direct invitation to reply. People out there on the interwebz are sorta used to the one-way flow of information. It is quite a passive activity most of the time, so therefore you not only need to remind them they can reply, but you need to pretty much TELL them to.

So, if it is sent out via email, tell them to reply. And you better make sure those replies come to you.

If it is posted to your blog, tell them to post a comment.

But, you’re doing 2 big important things when you ask this question.

#1 – You’re turning a one-way communication into a two-way communication.

This is an important thing to do as often as you can. Your relationship with your subscribers goes up substantially the moment they say something back to you. It is just… an energy thing.

But, secondly…

#2 – You’re leaning about your audience and what they’re struggling with.

Which, in turn, allows you to better serve them with new content, new posts… and maybe even new offers.

Many times, the “secret key” to all those lockboxes common when building and growing an online business is found simply in asking the right questions. At the right time.

So, I would encourage you to look into how you can best use the 7 word question.

Oh, and of course…

What is YOUR biggest challenge right now?

That’s right. Hit that reply button and answer the question for me. 🙂 I’m really curious to know how I can help you out the most.

I’m here. And I look forward to hearing from you.

– David