A way to create a 6-figure business… with only a 4-page website

In my last issue of THE EDGE, I talked about 5 trends I think will (and already are) affecting content creators and bloggers.

One big theme that came from that was less focus on advertising, less focus on raw traffic numbers… and MORE focus on serving audiences with premium content.

There’s something you may want to consider, though…

See, all this focus that we have on blogging usually brings to mind stuff like Wordpress, web hosting, yada yada. But, is there another way to go? Is there a simpler model with less moving parts?

Yes, of course.

In fact, think about this…

What is the ONE section of the internet where you tend to be the most engaged, pay the most attention? It is your personal space online.

I’m talking about your email inbox, of course.

And one trend I think is just going to pick up as time goes on is email blogging.

This isn’t your typical email marketing like everybody teaches. This isn’t blogging on Wordpress and then sending out a teaser to your latest post to your list.

No… email blogging is sending exclusive content only to your direct email subscribers.

It could be free content (like this very newsletter)… or it could be premium content. In fact, actually charging a subscription fee for it can give you a leg up in terms of delivery rates because now that email is a transactional email rather than a commercial one. Delivery rates will be higher… more like an email receipt. Plus, since people are paying for it, their level of attention will be MUCH greater.

So, think about this as an idea…

You craft an idea for a premium newsletter that you think might work really well. Something you’re really interested in (since it will be hard to do this if you have no interest).

You shoot for a weekly email strategy. You come up with some bullet-point benefits of what they will get as a subscriber.

You create a VERY simple website that consists of the following pages:

  1. Your optin squeeze page (also your homepage).
  2. A contact page.
  3. A privacy page.
  4. An about page.

Over time, you might tack on more stuff. But, the site itself can be really simple. Because the content will be published via email… not a blog.

Then, you can test out the idea. See if you get any optins. The good thing is that it would be really easy to pivot to other topic/offer ideas because you’ve got so little invested into it. I mean, it’s a 4-page site. 🙂

And if the concept proves there’s interest, you test out charging for it.

What you charge for a focused, premium newsletter depends on what you’re doing. If you’re going all out with some serious value, then charge accordingly. You could also go with something really small. Maybe even just $5/month.

Most people don’t even need to think about $5/month. They fart that out for a McDonalds lunch all the time. It’s play money.

But, put 1,000 people onto that thing and suddenly you’re making $5000/month.

If the value proposition is there, it can work.

You will have your own community. You will serve them personally with content written just for them. You’re not dependent on ads. You don’t give two shits about Google, really, since SEO isn’t a factor for email content.

See? Simple.

The big thing not to forget here is that you’re not just doing casual blogging here. This isn’t your cat photo kinda crap. If people are paying for this, there needs to be something of value in it for them. So, think of it in terms of an actual offer.

What are the benefits to subscription?

I think this can help raise the bar on content.

What do you think of this idea?

Think it might work for you?

Hey, if you thought that the only way to charge subscription revenue was a membership site with a bunch of online courses, maybe this will have you thinking about other possibilities. 🙂