Changes to THE EDGE Moving Forward

One day back in 2017, I had a wild idea.

What if I started a DAILY email and emailed my list every day? Not some promo thing, but something I actually wrote for them. It would be like old-school blogging, but exclusively via email.

So, I started. I called it The Daily.

It went on for awhile like that and the response was actually pretty good.

As time went on, I decided to slow down the frequency. Everyday was getting to be too much. So, I slowed it down to three times per week and I renamed that newsletter to THE EDGE.

It continued.

Later, I decided to make another change. Instead of emailing it to everybody, I wanted to make it more exclusive. And I published the archives into the LAB as a bonus for LAB members.

Fast forward a bit more… and then I opened up the archives to free members, too.

Fast forward a bit more… and I re-engineered the whole darn LAB and… well, I didn’t include the EDGE archives. I also haven’t been writing new issues since February. So, for all practical purposes, the EDGE was over.

But, then I thought about it…

Most of my full-on blog posts here on the Blog Marketing Academy are big posts. Fully developed. They take some time to put together. Sometimes… I don’t want to do that.

Sometimes… I just want to write something off the cuff. Something less formal. More like… old-school blogging.

More like….


So, the idea came to me…

Why not move THE EDGE archives back to the public side of the Blog Marketing Academy yet again. And start using it as a blog?

So, that’s what I’m doing.

THE EDGE is now going to be part of the public site. The main blog articles will continue to be reference articles designed to stand the test of time and will be more fully developed. But, THE EDGE will be more personal. Shorter. More off the cuff.

More like… letters from Dave. 😉 Comments about blogging, business, strategy… but also life, entrepreneurship or whatever.

It will allow me to be more frequent.

It will give me an outlet for some of the things I might like to say that do not require a full-on Google-friendly, long-form blog post. 🙂

Best of both worlds. 😉

I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and I almost forgot…

Unlike an email, you can actually post comments when I publish it here on the blog. Imagine that! 😉