Changing Your Stance

For a moment, imagine you’re a baseball player.  You step up to the mat. And, you spot an area of the field that you want to put the ball. That spot is the goal.

Now, before anything happens… before the pitcher throws the ball your way… you have to adopt a stance. You need to position your body and mind such that you’re capable of sending that ball to that spot.

You might shift the physical position of your body and the direction you’re facing… even how you are holding up your arms or your grip on the bat. You might dip your knees a bit. Slump your shoulders. Mentally, you may envision the ball being right in that spot. You clear out any other thoughts.

By altering yourself, you’re able to take the action needed to hit the ball into that part of the field. You are not waiting for circumstances on the field to line up in your favor. You aren’t waiting for new information. Heck, the game would go on without you if you just sat there. 

It begins with you. And your stance. Your… beingness.

The same goes for any goal. Whether that be in our personal lives or in business.

It is not where you want to go or aim for, but where you come from and how you hold yourself that most determines your success and results in life.

Where you want to go and how you want to get there is definitely important. Having no goals or systems to achieve it is rather aimless. 

But, even more fundamental to that is the position from which you operate. What is your mental positioning? The stance from which you create your life? How do you choose to BE with regard to yourself, your family, co-workers and others around you?

And, we often forget that we’ve got the power to shift our stance. We CHOOSE how we want to be… each and every day continuously. Many people aren’t even aware that they have chosen and adopted a particular beingness. Most of the time, they don’t even consider it. Or… it is “just who I am”. They chalk it all up to personality, or that you’re just the effect of whatever has happened to you in the past. Or, “I was born this way”.

But, no. You are NOT the effect of whatever has happened to you in the past. The only thing that gives anything in the past power over you in the present…. Is your current stance. The decisions you are making that are giving away all your power. You’re making yourself the effect rather than the cause.

You can change your stance at will. Just like a baseball player. It is just that… most of us have forgotten that we have the ability.

When you see somebody who complains a lot, look at the stance they are taking. Look at the beingness they are living. It is a disempowering stance. They are granting all the power to the things or people they’re complaining about. It is a stance of discontent, blame, and of one who doesn’t have what they want.

Why live that stance? Just…. Change it.

YOU are the origin of all effort and intention exerted into the environment to get what you want. YOU have the power. And how you conduct yourself, the attitudes you adopt… that’s your stance. It frames how you will tackle everything around you.

So… for a minute…

Imagine yourself sitting there at the batting mat on that baseball field.

You look at the field.

Your goals are particular spots on that field. Business goals, personal goals.

You SEE the goal. It is out there in the backfield.

Now…. is your current stance such that you can make it there? Is the attitude and position you’re adopting the kind of mindset that is required to get that baseball to point B out there in that exact spot on this field of life?

If yes, then all that is required now is taking the actions you know you need to take. Hit that ball.

If no, then… change your stance. It is all within your power to do so, so just take that power and exercise it. Become who you need to be to be able to hit that ball exactly to that spot on that field.

It all starts with you and the attitude and power you project.