Issue #60

Clean your closet (seriously)

At the beginning of The Roadmap, Lab members go through some training on productivity before diving into the business stuff. The reason is simple…

Sometimes, in order to make progress, we have to pull a few weeds. We’ve got to put some order into things. And very likely, the things which pull us away from our business and blog have nothing to do with those things.

The feedback from that section of the Roadmap (which brings them through the How to Step Into Your A Game training) has always been awesome. For instance, Brandy sent this in…

“This was an awesome experience! I tend to sometimes become directionless during my day and end up in a state of overwhelm. The tools I received from this course are very easy-to-implement tools that I am excited to use and now I feel I will be able to manage my time with much greater ease. Thanks David!”

Now, one of the things I have people do during this training is kinda strange.

I have them clean their closet out. 🙂 Here’s why…

So, yeah, I have people clean their closet. 🙂 And you know, it is sorta for the same reason why I just re-did my entire home office.

It comes down to 2 things:

  1. A disordered environment breeds a disordered mind.
  2. Those things you hold on to “just in case” all represent a little piece of stuck energy.

Now, the first one is a little easier to “get”. It is harder to make your best progress when your environment is in a state of chaos.

Is your desk a disaster? Your car full of crap? Every closet just jammed with shiat? 😉 Well, all that is a physical manifestation for WHY you don’t make headway! Hate to break it to ya like that, but truth is truth. If your environment is full of garbage, so is your head. And that hinders clear thinking.


Let’s just look at things from the perspective of ENERGY. We are all a form of energy. Energy is supposed to flow.

If you’ve never heard of the “state of flow”, you should look into it. Vishen Lakhiani, from MindValley, has a video worth watching on this: Flow, The Paradox of Intention, and the 4 States of Mind.

So, when you’re flowing fully, things are happening. Thing is, sometimes we park little parts of ourselves off to the side. We take chunks of our overall power and we hang them up, therefore dividing your overall potential of energy into a bunch of lesser flows.

Those things we “hang up” our energy with are indecisions, maybe’s, stuff we try to remember, etc.

When we fail to make a decision, we sorta get hung up at that point. Flow stops.

When we get stuck at “maybe” and don’t make a decision, flow stops. Maybe’s are the death of progress. It doesn’t even matter what your decision is… just make one!

So, imagine your overall power being siphoned off and parked in indecisions, maybe’s, or parked off in the past so that we’re not paying full attention to the present. Our CURRENT power is therefore LESS than it could be! Because, our attention is all split up.

Instead of a firehose of flow, you’ve got a crimped garden hose of trickle coming out.

Now, back to our closet…

Those things you keep in the closet “just in case” can, sometimes, be little physical manifestations of parked off energy. Like those papers on the desk, those emails which have been in your inbox for months now. Are you keeping clothing you haven’t worn in years? Why? Just in case?

Funny thing is, there is something to be said for minimalism. When you keep a lot of crap around you, it does steal your flow. And so, often there is a lot of value to be found by simply cleaning out your closet, doing a “spring cleaning”, and throwing crap out.

If you wanna be more proper about it, then sell it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Give it to Goodwill.

But, get rid of it.

The amount of stupid crap I’ve seen people hang onto “just in case” when they could buy it again if they needed it for like 5 bucks…. it’s funny. 🙂 But, odds are, they won’t ever need it.

So, here’s one of the big things about the Step Into Your A Game training…

We’re unburdening your flow.

By finding those indecisions, those maybe’s, those “just in case” things and getting rid of it, it frees up YOU.

Sometimes, those things which hold you back are other people, too. And we address that in the A Game training as well.

The point is…

We’re clearing our environment and setting up for success.

We do that right at the beginning of the Roadmap. And it is there for a reason.

The best way to get started right away on your own A Game is to enroll in The Lab (if you’re not already a member, of course). Start the Roadmap, and you’ll find all this stuff right there in Phase 1.

If, for some reason, you don’t want to travel the full Roadmap and only want the A Game training, I’ll set up a direct link to buy it right here. No membership required. Lifetime access to that one course, at a 50% discount from what I used to charge for it when it was available as a standalone course. No fancy sales letter for it or anything. Just click this link, sign up, and we’ll send you right in.


Next week, we’re going to switch gears and begin talking about content creation, blogging strategies, and more. It was the most popular request in our recent survey for future issues of The Daily. And next week, we begin. 🙂

Have a great weekend.

– David

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