Issue #179

Garbage in, garbage out

Being out traveling right now, it gives perspective on some of the things we often do day to day. Also some of the things we pay attention to.

Like many of you, I use Facebook. I also scan the news headlines. However while we’ve been out traveling, I do that much less. My time on Facebook is usually posting photos or videos from this trip we’re currently on.

But, I had this experience the other day where I went to Facebook and it was just chocked full of POLITICS. It was right after Trump’s visit with Putin. Now, I really couldn’t care less what you think of that. But, what I saw on Facebook was a bunch of people REACTING.

Angry at that. Outraged by the other thing. And one snide comment after another trying to rip on other people and make themselves feel right about whatever opinion they have.

At the time, I said on Facebook…

Man, every damn post on here is about Trump. I’m going to keep posting RV stuff. You’re welcome.

What it reminds me of is…

Garbage In. Garbage Out.

If you pay attention to garbage, your output will be… garbage. That which you focus on, you become.

Perhaps like you, I’m connected to a few folks who just seem to post political crap all day long. I can’t imagine what their day is like! I mean, are they literally just sitting there scanning news headlines for crap to be outraged by? Is their whole life one big “us vs them” game of trying to use their Facebook profile to argue about crap they don’t even control?

What a waste.

It isn’t that I am uninformed… or that I don’t have my opinions. It’s just that I know that if I sit there and focus on all that crap, I won’t be doing much of anything REAL or USEFUL to actually make my life or the lives of others better.

The news media thrives on chaos. They love chaos. They love to have YOU hot and bothered so that you’ll pay attention, view their ads, and more. It is, quite literally, an industry of chaos creation.

Why pay it any more attention than it’s due?

If I had a person in my own life that was constantly telling me how bad things were and how pissed I should be about all kinds of things, you know what I would do?

Boot ’em from my life! I’d tell them to freakin’ pound sand.

Maybe we should do that to the media, too.

Life is what you make it. But, if you’re spending a bunch of time wading in the muck of news and politics, then you won’t be making much of it. That’s for sure.

Garbage in…. garbage out.

– David

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