Issue #23

[GROW-7] Not all content is created equal

Today is part 7 of our series on how to make the most headway in your business in the least possible time. We’re discussing some of the highest leverage things you can do for your blog and business. You know, those things which move the needle more than others.

Not all content is created equal.

That should have been made clear yesterday since we discussed how your time creating a simple lead magnet is WAAAYYY more valuable than writing another blog post.

But, we also have different content types. Podcasting, videos, written posts, etc. And the one I want to bring to your attention now is VIDEO.

One of the highest leverage forms of content you can create is a video. Think about it…

  • Obviously online video is great for building your brand and expanding your presence.
  • It helps reach visual people who don’t prefer to read.
  • You can rip the audio out of it and turn it into a podcast.
  • You can get it transcribed and turn it into a blog post.

I mean, when you get right down to it, you can create an online video and create THREE forms of content simultaneously. And, no, don’t go off and transcribe your own videos. I have a VA who does mine, but you can also use a service like to do it.

Now, remember the rule about perfectionism. 🙂  This isn’t a Hollywood production here.

Just use your webcam or your mobile phone. Use a decent microphone because audio is important. And just…. go! You can outline the video first and keep the outline in front of you, but don’t script it. Just “wing it” based on your outline. Be natural. Be yourself. Talk like you would to a friend and don’t overthink it.

Here are some other ideas for your videos…

  • Record a video version of one of your popular blog posts where you’re simply talking out some aspect of the post. Embed it. Helps increase time on page, which helps SEO. See this post on SEO for bloggers on how that works.
  • Record a video answering a question you got from a subscriber or customer that you can turn into public content.
  • Do a Facebook LIVE video. FB Live videos are working REALLY well right now.

It all comes together to show that…

You can really leverage your time effectively and create your content in hyperdrive by creating online video.

And SERIOUSLY… don’t overthink it! Don’t freak yourself out about how you look or any of that! Just point a phone at yourself and go. All you need is a few bullet points to guide yourself going in, then go for it.

You can make your videos better over time, and that will just happen naturally.

Speaking of which…

Are you connected to the Blog Marketing Academy on Facebook yet? If not, click here to “like” the page. As I mentioned, I’m out camping in the RV today and I may pop on and do a quick video from the campground with my iPhone. Practice what I preach, right? 🙂

– David

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