[GROW-8] Just sharing on Facebook and stopping there?

Today is part 8 of our series on how to make the most headway in your business in the least possible time.

You probably already share your latest post on Facebook. It’s probably something you do as a matter of habit. The results from that are likely pretty crappy, tho.

But, a big reason for that is because Facebook has evolved into a “pay to play” environment. So this brings us to another high-leverage activity for your business… and perhaps something you should consider doing for every new blog post you publish….. and that is…

Boost a post on Facebook.

Now, it used to be that boosting a post on Facebook would just amplify it’s reach to your own Facebook fans. Which honestly always felt a little weird. But, today, boosted posts have really come a long way. They’re like little mini ad campaigns, but without the usual ad creation.

See, you can now boost a post to custom audiences, or even people you reach through target criteria. This means you can boost a post to people who have never heard from you before.


You can use this capability to boost your post right to the audiences most likely to be interested. As an example…

Let’s say I did a blog post which would be relevant to “mommy bloggers”. In fact, I did one with this case study awhile back.

So, I post it to my Facebook page like I always do. Only this time, I decide to “boost” it. I set it up specifically to go out and reach mommy bloggers. I do this by selecting interest targeting criteria for other brands in the “mom blogger” space. Now, my post will show up for them. They can view my blog post, like my page, or whatever. Point is…. I’m TAILORING who sees my blog post based on who is likely to be most interested.

See how that works?

Boosting a post on Facebook is high-leverage and quick to do. Optimize your blog post first for list building, then throw just $10 or $20 at it. We’re not talking big money. See what kind of results you get. If you like what you see, you can always extend the boosted post longer or turn it into a full ad campaign.

Now, obviously, if you’re just running a little hobby blog, it might not make sense to do this. But, I’m here to talk about business. The intersection of blogging and business. And if that’s what you’re doing, then spending $10 to test out a potentially very lucrative campaign with a little test boost makes total sense and you shouldn’t even blink an eye at it.

If Facebook Ads are still an area of confusion for you, we’ve got ya covered. The Lab has a full Course Library, but one of them is the Facebook Ads Blueprint. It seeks to simplify the topic of FB ads, and yes, we cover boosted posts, too. You can pick up just the Facebook Ads Blueprint here, but obviously the Lab is by far the best deal to gain access to it.

– David