[GROW-9] Taking yesterday’s email to the next level…

Today is part 9 of our series on how to make the most headway in your business in the least possible time.

Yesterday, I talked to you about using boosted posts on Facebook. I talked about how setting up a boosted post (rather than your usual ho-hum FB post on your page) is much higher leverage, allows you to reach new people, and can be done quite quickly.

The next natural step, then is to set up a regular Facebook ad campaign. And that’s our high-leverage task for today.

You might be wondering… what’s the difference between a boosted post and an ad campaign on Facebook?

Well, essentially, a boosted post is like a little mini ad campaign. You have less options and you’re basically just amplifying a post to more people that you posted on your page. Short and sweet. But, an actual ad campaign gives you FAR more power.

An ad campaign can be used to accomplish any number of goals… not just sending people to a URL. An ad campaign can go on indefinitely if you want. You have far more ways to format the ad, target it, etc.

Now, it is possible that the idea of running a Facebook ad is foreign territory for you. Trust me, it isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. Yes, it does cost a little bit of money, but the costs are quite reasonable. Plus, if you’re doing this right, you will make back your money. Done right, it is basically a money-printing machine. Input a buck, make back 2. That kind of thing.

And yes, it is a VERY high-leverage activity in terms of expanding your business in less time.

Spend that time up front to set up the campaign…. and then it is off building your list and/or generating sales while you’re off doing other things. And that doesn’t suck. 🙂

Plus, just from the perspective of focus, the very act of getting into paid traffic will focus you on what really matters: TRAFFIC and CONVERSION. I mean, it just narrows you in on the basics because now you’re spending money and you have all the motivation you need to make that worth it.

While an old-school blogger is sitting there worrying about their next blog post, how many comments they got or any number of other things which matter little in the scheme of things… once you step into paid traffic, you WILL narrow in on what really matters. That mindset shift alone is VALUABLE.

And that’s why I recommend getting into paid traffic, even at a beginner level, as soon as you can.

It changes everything. For the better.

And if your blog isn’t set up in such a way to fund paid traffic, then it is high time that you restructure what you’re doing to make it work. As I’ve said in the past…

Monetization is no longer something you do after you have traffic. Monetization is done SO THAT you can get traffic. (click to tweet)

We’re playing in a different world now.

If Facebook Ads are still an area of confusion for you, we’ve got ya covered. The Lab has a full Course Library, but one of them is the Facebook Ads Blueprint. It seeks to simplify the topic of FB ads so that you can get started. You can pick up just the Facebook Ads Blueprint here, but obviously the Lab is by far the best deal to gain access to it.

– David