Issue #270

Important Subscriber Survey

Important Subscriber Survey

The last time that I surveyed subscribers of this newsletter was back in March 2018. So, it’s been over a year.

It was still called THE DAILY back then. And certainly, we’ve had people come and go since then.

Now, that it has been so long, it is high time I do it again.

See… I want to make emails from me something different. Something you WANT to open. Something that you feel is personal, actually.

I know that most bloggers/marketers out there basically send out 2 things: (1) Links to new blog posts, (2) stuff to buy.

If all I ever did was that, I think it’d be sorta boring, don’t you? I mean, sending out links to new posts is fine and all, but that basically means the email list isn’t much different than an RSS feed.

As for things to buy… listen, we all know that’s part of the business. But, some marketers just take it too far. It seems like almost every email they send has a big fat buy button on it. Nothing wrong with that, really, but if they’re not making the emails valuable enough on their own, then it is all too easy to tune it all out.

So, my goal was to do it differently.

THE EDGE is meant to have actual content worth reading inside of each issue… not just a link to go to the website. And, while every issue does have a link to something to buy, I hope it is clear that I lead with value and that the EDGE is not one big ad.

But, I need to know how I’m doin’. 🙂

Am I hittin’ the mark?

What should I do differently?

And so, I want you to return the flow this time.

Click This Link To Fill Out My Quick Edge Subscriber Survey

Let me know what’s going on over there on your side of the inbox. 🙂

Oh, one other thing to tell you about…

Almost since the beginning, back issues of THE EDGE have only been available to LAB members. However, I’m currently re-evaluating a few things internally and I want to make sure that I’m getting the most leverage out of the work I put into THE EDGE.

So, I have re-done how I display back issues of this newsletter. There may be some further changes to it, but you will also see that you no longer need to be a member to see back issues.

Click here to check out archives of this newsletter

You’ll see back issues going all the way back to the first issue.

But, before you get distracted over there in the archives…

Please fill out this survey

It is time that I hear from you.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

– David

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