Let’s Talk About ChatGPT

At this point, it seems as if everybody and their grandma is talking about ChatGPT. I’ve seen bloggers talking about it like it is the second coming. I’ve seen Youtubers making videos about it, ways to make money with it. And, of course, the marketers do their inevitable pile-on.

ChatGPT is supposed to replace Google.

It is supposed to be the answer to content creation.

It is supposed to be our new overlord, all seeing eye of AI. It knows all, it gives us the answers.

Your little digital servant that will sit there and take your “prompts” and spit out everything you need. It will write your blog posts, give you all your research, write your ads, write your copy, scripts and basically do everything just short of cleaning up after you after a bathroom visit.

But, perspective is a funny thing.

See, I’ve been in this game for so long now. Been “blogging” since 1998. I’ve seen so many trends and fads come and go now that I giggle when I see one at this point.

I’ve watch marketers see some new shiny thing then proceed to come out with their cute little “guru” courses to try to ride the wave. People registering domains, trying to get out ahead and make a quick buck on some new social fad.

And ChatGPT is another one.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and act like this kind of AI is a fad. It isn’t. AI is only going to get better and it is and will be a definite change to the world of technology. There’s no disputing that.

But, ChatGPT is just a tool.

There’s nothing magical about it. Truthfully, I’ve played around with it and I rather doubt I’ll be using it very much at all. At least not now. I just don’t fall for the hype. It is way too early.

Where’s the data coming from that ChatGPT is using to “write” stuff? Well, it is just coming from stuff other people wrote around the internet. Funny thing is…

Who wrote it? You don’t really even know. Good chance that ChatGPT is creating mix tapes of stuff that is copyrighted from other writers. And that’s not cool.

Plus, the fact that it is even doing that means ChatGPT is only as good as the inputs. And the inputs come from other PEOPLE. And, let’s face it… people write horse hockey online, too. Not everything is accurate. ChatGPT doesn’t know if a “fact” is even true, or maybe just not true anymore.

But, as a blogger, I also see what ChatGPT “writes”.

It’s crap. It is regurgitated crap from around the internet, mixed up in some AI shaker, and spit back out in generic fashion.

You will not stand out in any way by posting ChatGPT stuff to your website.

Every other person who asked ChatGPT for “content” on the same topic is going to get some reworded variation of the same drool.

I guara-damn-tee you Google is going to wipe this crap off the internet. It is noise. Google is going to detect AI-generated content and they’re going to delist it and issue some animal-themed search algorithm update designed specifically to wipe that crap off the internet.

When you post ChatGPT stuff to your website, you are playing with fire. It is just a matter of time until your site will be penalized. Mark my words.

A lot of that will happen because marketers are going to do what they do best – abuse it and turn it into a shitpile.

You’re already seeing these marketers all follow the ass in front of them by posting ChatGPT content. Like any new tool, they will use and abuse it and find “hacks” with their cute little prompts and they will proceed to garbage up the internet with this stuff. And that will, in turn, lead Google to want to find ways to filter it all out.

Why? Because AI content is not useful. It has no personality. No humor. No nothing.

Google wants to give a good user experience. Nobody is going to want to read generic crap written by a computer. Google knows and they WILL do everything they can to remove it from search results.

ChatGPT cannot ORIGINATE anything. It is nothing but a regurgitator. It is basically a vomited-up version of things that real human beings imagined and created.

Only a human being can build real experience into their content.

Only a human being can inject real humor, personality, imagination and a unique voice into their content.

Only a human being can truly engage a community, have little inside jokes, and truly be interesting.

This preoccupation with ChatGPT in the marketing and content creation world is misplaced.

It’s a fad.

ChatGPT is only going to make REAL content creators more valuable.

It is only going to make it so that people want humanity in the sites and businesses they interact with.

Google is going to wipe out ChatGPT content.

The way to look at ChatGPT is just another tool. Like any tool, it is only as useful as the person who is using it. And the tool can’t do everything.

Marketers are all talking about “prompts” now. Magic combination of words that are supposed to put ChatGPT into “god mode” where it will produce magic and make you look like a damn genius. It’s laughable to me. In reality, the only real use of ChatGPT is to prompt you! Not the other way around. ChatGPT can be useful to help unstick some writer’s block, or help you structure some ideas. It can help prompt you to create. But, it is not and never will be a replacement for you. I don’t care what magical “prompts” you type into the thing.

Oh, and just wait until ChatGPT starts charging money to be used. Then we’ll really see just how serious people are about it. That’ll happen, too. It won’t be free forever. It is only free because they’re using YOU to test it.

ChatGPT is just dynamic PLR content.

It is an article spinner 2.0.

It is not magic.