So much to do! Where to start?

In my recent survey to you fine folks here in The Daily, I asked about your biggest challenge. And, I got quite a few of you who felt pretty snowed in by how to get started.

“There seems to be so much to do!”

So, if that was you, don’t feel alone. But, my job is to help people not only get started, but make concrete headway and ultimately get the big win.

Now, my answer to most of you is The Online Business Roadmap. The entire point of The Roadmap is to show you how to get started, what you the right next step, and have me walk you through it every step of the way.

I mean, I know. It might seem self-serving. The Roadmap is for Lab members and if you want to take part in it, you have to join the Lab.

But, it isn’t self-serving. That’s just called exchange. The Roadmap is there to serve YOU.

I’ve been in this business for a decade now, teaching others exactly how to get started in this whole online business arena. I realized that, no matter how much training and “how to” I put out there, people would STILL circle back and ask the basic stuff at the beginning. What became crystal clear was that the problem isn’t lack of info. It is a lack of structure.

So, the Roadmap project was born and I’m still in the process of re-aligning and updating the entire Lab around that Roadmap. In fact, this week I’m busy recording videos for the next course – the Email Marketing Engine – and it’s going to form the next section of The Roadmap.

Here’s the thing…

The open internet is a confusing, overwhelming place. If you’re trying to figure out how to build up your blog and your online business from scratch by paying attention to all the criss-crossing advice, “gurus” and the firehose of new posts… the result WILL be confusion.

Especially in this field, since we’re all content creators. That’s what we do!

But, out here in the wild, there’s no structure. And the result is obvious…

Even though every thing you need to know to build up a successful online business exists out there, many of you are still trying to figure out how to start.

Do see you see the outpoint there?

I’m sure you do.

Information isn’t the problem. Lack of structure is.

The good news is that I’m making structure the primary mission of The Lab, via the Roadmap.

I mean, let’s be real here…

Much of what I talk about in the Lab is available in other places. It isn’t as if I woke up one day and “discovered” all this stuff. 🙂 I bring my own style and approach to it in my training courses, but what I think my main strength is is keeping eye on the big picture and providing a PATHWAY to get through it.

Perhaps it is because I’ve been doing this for so long. I dunno.

So, my advice would come down to 2 parts…

#1 – Join The Lab. 🙂 OK, I know (again) that it seems self-serving, but this is literally the focus of my entire business. Showing people where to start is what I do all day!

But, whether you are a Lab member or not, keep this in mind…

#2 – The solution to overwhelm and confusion is very simple. You pick ONE thing and ignore the rest.

See, overwhelm and confusion is paralyzing. But, it has an actual anatomy to it. Simply put, everything is in motion simultaneously. In our digital world here, we’re primarily talking about ideas and to-do items. All those things are whizzing around your mind simultaneously, each one looking equally important to every other one. That’s the exact anatomy.

But, the solution is simple. You pick out one thing from the mix and make it sit still. We focus on that one thing. When that one is dealt with, we pick another one.

Multi-tasking is a fool’s errand. Do ONE thing at a time. Ignore the rest.

Like, literally stop paying any attention AT ALL to people talking about stuff way ahead of where you’re at. You might think webinars and membership sites are sexy as hell and you want to do that! But, if you haven’t even got an email list yet, what the hell are you doing worrying about a membership site?!

But, telling you what ONE thing to focus on next is the business of my Roadmap. Not The Daily.


A little reminder for those of you who read this email who are still trying to figure out how to get started. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll see you doing your first Roadmap Checkin soon.

– David