Issue #295

One Trait I’ve Noticed In Rapid Growth Entrepreneurs

There is one simple trait that I have personally found to be common with people who have made massive growth in their business in what seems like a short amount of time.

I’ll give you an example…

His name is Jason. Several years ago, he was part of a mastermind group with me. Jason and his wife started an online flight training school. And that site is called

Jason doesn’t even know I’m writing this right now. 🙂 I haven’t actually spoke to him in a little while now. Our mastermind group sort of dissolved because people moved, people had kids, etc. 🙂 It basically became more difficult for us to get together, so things changed.

In the interim, they have expanded MzeroA into a good-size 7-figure business. He has multiple people working for him now. His company even made it’s way onto the INC5000 list. Now Jason dresses up for his videos and everything. 🙂 I remember when it was all t-shirts all the time! 😉

Anyway, that’s not the point here…

One thing I always noticed about Jason was that he doesn’t screw around. If he got an idea in one of our meetings, he ran with it FAST. Before you knew it, he had already implemented it.

I remember telling him that I was looking to start a podcast with the “coffee break” theme. For me, that would eventually become Coffee Break Blogging. But, he liked the idea and what did he do? Well, he has a podcast called “Coffee Break Flight Instruction”. 🙂

See, he doesn’t mess around. He just leans forward and…. does stuff.

I might add, he does it rather imperfectly, too. If you look at their website, it isn’t even all that polished. I mean, Blog Marketing Academy is much better built, if I do say so myself. Yet… he has a multi-million dollar business now.

This is a trait I have seen in others, too.

To my friend Ryan who had a child – which has this effect of lighting a fire under your ass. 🙂 Before you knew it, he was operating at a whole new level… pretty much because he had to now. He was a family man.

To another guy named Rick who now has a 7-figure business, but he grew quite quickly. One of the things he did was lean in and launched an offer early on… before it even existed. He put up his offer, ran Facebook Ads to put people onto a webinar and sold that course on that webinar. The course didn’t even exist. And it kick started a whole business.

To an old LAB member named Leah who also made a habit of implementing things without spending much time thinking about it. Leah is in the organic chemistry niche and has done QUITE well for herself.

Point is…

The trait that I have found is one of the biggest keys to success is…

LEANING IN. Taking action fast without doing a whole lot of thinking first.

Imperfect action is far better than the alternative. And doing things with a spirit of PLAY…. not being very serious about it.

SERIOUS people think alot. They analyze. They think through every little thing.

Somebody who is playful…. they just do it. Not a lot of thinking. They ACT! They’re not very serious about it.

I know in my own career that some of my best moves have been made quickly. At times, even on a whim. An example…

When I initially launched the PLATINUM program, I did it on a whim. The idea was a loose one. I didn’t have much taped out. I just… put the offer out there. And it worked. 🙂

Now I’ve polished it up a bit, perfected the systems for it and I’ve opened it up again. But, point is that I didn’t think about it long. I didn’t spend the time to make everything ideal. I just… acted.

We’re in the middle of doing that again with our LAB BOOTCAMP concept. I honestly don’t have any idea what to expect. 🙂 It actually makes me a wee bit nervous to do any kind of live event. It’s new territory for me.

But, that probably means it is exactly what I SHOULD do. After all, if I stay in my comfort zone, there’s no growth, right? 🙂

So, my question for you is…

How can YOU take quick, imperfect action right now?

Can you play this game of online business with a spirit of play? 🙂

It isn’t all that serious, you know. I know we all want to make money here and have a positive impact through our online work, but in the end… this is a game. And if you look at it like that… and you allow yourself to take fast, imperfect action without spending much time in the slow lane… I think you can make a lot of headway. Really fast. 🙂

Whatcha think?

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