Perhaps I can sell this for $7 (bad idea)

Today, let’s talk a bit about designing your sales funnel and what goes where. If you like making money, then listen up.

Very often, when I am working with people on their businesses, they seem to be way more focused on the structure of their funnel than on whether it is actually serving their prospects to the fullest. Let me try to explain what I mean…

People know that the basic outline of the funnel is:

  1. Lead magnet to get them on the list.
  2. Front end offer.
  3. Main offer.
  4. And so on.

What happens, though, is that I’m seeing people just look for things to insert into these slots – without much thought into whether it is the right thing.

Lead magnet… people sorta get that. Give away a free thing, right? Well, a lot of people are giving away bad lead magnets. But, perhaps I’ll get to that next week here in the Daily. But, for now… you insert some free thing. Often some ebook for free. And ask for the opt-in.

But, it is almost as if it is a box you’ve got to check off. Give away an ebook…. CHECK! But, often without a lot of thought as to whether anybody will care about it.

Next up… front end offer. Again, too often I see people just try to insert something in there in order to check the box and have something for sale. I’ve had people literally drudge up some ebook they wrote 1-2 years ago and say “Perhaps I can sell this for $7.”.

Like… what?

You think just throwing some thing up there for $7 is what matters? That’s just blind copying. What matters is will anybody WANT it. And simply making something cheap doesn’t mean they will.

Point is…

You have to design the funnel which makes sense for your customer… NOT blindly try to re-create what you heard some internet marketer say.

And you don’t just slip things in there to occupy a slot in the funnel. It has to make sense.

I’m seeing too many people concentrate way too much on the mechanics and the pieces… and not thinking about their customer.

If you’re going to put a product up for sale in your funnel, is it a good offer? Why would they want it? How are you showing them that it’ll give them way more value than what you’re asking them to pay?

Simply putting some thing up there and giving it a cheap price is not gonna do it.

For anything you put up there, the decision starts with your customer. Not the slot you’re trying to fill in your funnel.

What makes it a good offer?

If you need some help with that, I’ve got an entire training inside The Lab on this: Offers That Convert. 🙂

– David