Struggling with Google rankings?

Yesterday, I shared with you the 7 word question. And I got some replies from you guys with things you guys are struggling with.

One thing that always comes up is…. TRAFFIC.

And closely tied in with that is dealing with the big-G. Google has become this beast we have to appease in order to get traffic… or so it seems.

One of the replies came in said they had seen a drop in their Google rankings. They dipped from page one position in the SERPS (search engine results pages) to page 2. That kind of drop can have a pretty significant impact on traffic and leads because, most of the time, end users don’t really go too far past page one when they’re looking for something.

So, those search positions mean something. 🙂

The question is… how do you do something about it?

How do you actually take control over your traffic and your SEO rankings?

So, here’s what we’re going to do…

Over the next many issues of The Daily, we’re going to be talking about your blog traffic. We’re going to be talking about SEO. And, each issue is going to have something concrete that you can DO about your own traffic situation.

This will be exclusive here to The Daily, so you’ll want to pay attention and, of course, stay subscribed. 🙂 That’s my bribe. Easy enough, right?

Now, one thing I am going to mention here at the outset is…

If the notion of paying for traffic just gives you an instant knee-jerk “no” reaction, then I strongly – STRONGLY – encourage you to open your mind up a bit about it. We’re talking about things like Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter ads… any kind of paid traffic.

No, that isn’t going to be all we talk about over the next many days. 🙂 But, if you ignore it, it would be like trying to teach you to walk when you’ve decided not to utilize one of your feet. I mean, you’re just removing a MAJOR tool from your arsenal if you ignore paid traffic.

So much of what we’re going to talk about, even when it comes to free organic traffic, can be influenced in a controlled manner by using paid traffic. In other words, many of the things we’re going to be talking about in terms of SEO can be influenced positively for you using paid traffic. You can actually CAUSE your Google rankings to increase… rather than make a change and cross your fingers and hope somebody notices you.

If you have an instant “no” reaction, then I’m guessing it is because of two reasons:

  1. “I’m not making any money.”
  2. “I don’t want to spend any money unless I’m making it.”

And… that makes total sense. But, I submit to you that if that’s the case, then you don’t have an issue with lack of funds…. you have a MONETIZATION problem.

Truth is, monetization, offer and a basic funnel, should come FIRST. Because monetization is what enables you to pay for traffic with the opportunity for it to pay off. Otherwise, you’re just farting money.

Most people view audience and traffic as the first problem, before monetization. Big mistake. They spend all their time fruitlessly trying to build up traffic to a blog with no leverage to it. Just a waste of your time to do that.

Anyway, we’ll talk more about all this coming up. We’re going to talk some big picture stuff… as well as some nitty-gritty stuff on SEO and various “free traffic” methods.

So, you in?

Good, cuz that’s what we’re doin’. 🙂 See ya tomorrow, young grasshopper.

– David