Issue #294

THIS has had a major positive impact so far in 2019

This year, we made a change here at the Blog Marketing Academy. I hope it will last for awhile… because so far I think it is working out pretty well.

See, at the beginning of the year, my wife and I were seriously considering her going back to work. Malika has a degree in chemical engineering, so her going back to work isn’t some small thing. While it would have had a major impact on our freedom and flexibility (in terms of taking trips), there’s no doubt it would have a big impact on the family finances.

But, then in March, things changed.

We went up to an RV conference and we were hanging out with a lot of entrepreneurs who travel full time. They run their businesses from the road. Now, that’s something I get. After all, while we don’t live in our motorhome, the idea of having full flexibility in terms of time and location is just part of my DNA. For my wife, it has always been more of a mental adjustment.

But, sitting there in that campground with those fine people, she realized what she would be giving up if she stepped back into the cubicle. And from there, we shifted gears.

One of the big things we decided was that she was going to take a much more active role in my company. We’re going to work together to meet some fairly aggressive financial goals… but we’re going to do it together using the business that I have built as the medium. This way we can have our cake and eat it too. 🙂

Since then, she’s taken over several functions of the business. But, honestly, that hasn’t been the biggest benefit…

Her PRESENCE in the business is helping to light a fire under my butt. 🙂

We’re spending way more time now building the business. Not just doing the day-to-day, but quite literally working ON the business. As in, implementing new systems. Perfecting the way things are done.

Plus, she’s helping to keep my eye on the ball.

Now, here’s the interesting thing…

Malika hardly knows anything about the in’s and out’s of online business.

In fact, she’s not even entrepreneurial. Her whole upbringing was all about going to college, getting the degree, getting a job, working in that job, building retirement… yada yada. Her mindset is very… typical. Mine… not so much.

Despite the fact that she’s not an expert in what I do… despite the fact that she doesn’t exactly know how to run a business… she is having a nice, positive impact on the Blog Marketing Academy.



The fact that there’s another person there who shares the same goals as I do… and will call me out if I go off and start getting lazy. 🙂 And since she’s my wife, she can do that quite well. 😉

She’s also smart, of course. And the logic that goes along with being a chemical engineer is obviously helpful in my line of work even if she doesn’t know the specifics of how I do what I do.

It’s interesting, but the world seems to operate in pairs.

I think this is why marriage works well as a basic, societal unit. I think this is why having a business partner can be so powerful. Because there’s at least one other person there to help facilitate a real FLOW of energy.

It is like that in the physical world, too. Look at basic electronics. Energy doesn’t flow until there are at least two terminals. With two terminals, energy will flow between them.

Human communications require at least 2 parties to be present. Otherwise, you’re just sitting there by yourself in silence.

Right on down the line… having another person there to provide some accountability and bounce ideas off of is quite helpful. And that person does not have to be an expert in what you do. That’s the cool part.

This is a big part of why I put together the PLATINUM program.

As a PLATINUM client, you will be working with me. I and the Blog Marketing Academy will be your accountability partner. I will help keep your eyes on the goal. I will help keep you out of the weeds. I will help you decide on direction.

Chances are, I am not an expert in what you do. I don’t want to be, either. I don’t need to know every little detail of your business.

What I bring to the table is 20 years of experience, some proprietary systems and procedures that I can help you implement (saving us both time)… and a good understanding of online business and and the “big picture”. In fact, I consider it one of my special skills in life to be able to put order into confusion and make sense of complexity.

If my wife can have that impact for my business despite her lack of training, then certainly I can have that impact for you given my background. 🙂

Now, here’s the thing…

Since I reopened Platinum last week, we’ve had quite a few people enroll. And I’m getting pretty close to throwing up that waiting list.

See, we’ve got a trip coming up in a few weeks. And, since every new Platinum goes through a ramping-up phase (which includes a consultation with me), there is definitely a lot of time required to get all these new Platinums kicked off. And it needs to be done and in the next phase before we go. I just can’t have this much volume of new Platinum onboarding as we pull out of our driveway. 🙂

So, Platinum Coaching will be closing down to new signups later this week.

I will also add that… PLATINUM is specifically set up to be accessible (cost-wise) to a high majority of bloggers, coaches, consultants, online experts. Most coaching is quite expensive. PLATINUM is being set up to be more scalable. That said, there are still limits because of my time… hence that cap will likely be going ip here this week.

Here’s How I Can Help…

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