Too Many Courses!

So, I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping my ear to the ground and listening to what you guys are telling me. And here’s one that I’ve heard many times…

“I already own too many courses, so I won’t do another one.”

This is something which comes up usually when you’re considering buying a new course. In my case, I see this rear up sometimes when people are looking into joining THE LAB.

And I get it. You bought other training products in the past, but you didn’t really follow through on them. And you feel as if you should do those first instead of buying something new.

Makes total sense, actually. 🙂 But, let me give you another potential viewpoint on it to think about.

And I’m just gonna give to you straight here.

Most people will buy a training course based on… hope.

They want a certain outcome. The marketing for that course made it seem possible. And therefore you buy it.

Now, that’s pretty normal. Especially in this world of online business, a lot of it is based on hope. In some cases, it is a false hope and the course creator is a helluva lot better at marketing than actually delivering on his/her promises. But, that power of hope is strong and there’s nothing wrong with it.

What can happen, however, is that it leads to people buying things which were not immediately applicable. It was something not aimed directly at their main constraint.

If you bought some training based on a hope or some snazzy marketing, but it wasn’t aimed directly at THE THING holding you back right now, then it can often just go incomplete.

Your motivation dries up. You don’t see results. You sorta lose your mojo.

And this thing compounds over time. That little incomplete action there (that course) sits there like a little mini-failure. You sorta let yourself down. And if you do this with other courses, too, then it begins to stack up.

But, you still feel you need to do something about it. You sorta want to finish those other courses. I get it.

But, the real question you need to ask is…

Is it aimed squarely at your current constraint?

If it isn’t, then it would be a mistake to decline to buy a new offer that’s right for you just because another one wasn’t completed.

Look, I’ve seen my share of people who are at the very beginning phases of online business go off and buy courses on webinars, or advanced Facebook ad tactics, or something similar. I’m sure the marketing was great, but a person who is just figuring out the initial foundational aspects of their business has no business worrying about webinars. It might be a GREAT course, but it is totally out of sequence. It isn’t relevant – yet.

Don’t confuse the past with the present. They are not the same thing.

Just because you didn’t finish something in the past does NOT mean you’re bound to do it again.

It just means that the real constraint – the real thing to focus on – was a little earlier on the chain than where that course was aimed.

Maybe that other training was too narrow in its focus and didn’t provide enough coverage of the early foundational steps. This is a big reason why I have The Roadmap and base THE LAB around it.

Maybe what you really need is somebody to give more individual accountability and be there to help you… rather than relying on the group support channels typical of online courses. That’s why I built Platinum Coaching.

Maybe the tech stuff was just confusing the crap out of you and, if it weren’t for that, you could move forward. We’re about to have something for that, too. Stay tuned. 😉

But, the big picture here is this…

What happened in the past has no bearing on now.

Those other courses you bought are most likely fine. But, it probably wasn’t aimed at the REAL constraint which is holding things up. If it were, it would have unlocked your progress and you wouldn’t be sitting there feeling like it was just stuck.