Issue #196

Traveling for 5 months… and business…

As you may know if you’ve been getting The Daily for a little while, my family and I have been traveling for over 2 months now. We took our motorhome from Florida out to the west… as far as San Francisco. And now… we’re on our final leg on our way back to Florida.

I added it up. By the time 2018 is over, we will have been “on the road” for close to 5 months. 5… freakin… months.

That’s a marathon for us. And honestly, we’re getting tired of it. 🙂

You know you’re DONE when you’re sitting there thinking about all the cool projects and stuff you want to do when you get home and back to the office. And, boy am I there!

But, I’ve noticed some things. Some things related to business that I can pass on.

First, there’s the matter of how I was able to do this at all. How I afford it… how I can put the business on “coast” for this long.

Secondly, there’s the matter of what happens when you put a business on “coast” this long. 🙂 It isn’t all sunshine.

First up… the matter of affording it.

The “secret” is simple: recurring revenue and automation.

In my business, I never prioritize volume of revenue (although, that’s nice – obviously). For me, I’m always trying to build LEVERAGE. Leverage is when you generate more energy with the least possible energy inserted into the system.

With everything I do, I think in terms of DESIGNING a business that is not tied to my time… where revenue can come in automatically without me sitting there. The entire Blog Marketing Academy is a membership site, so recurring revenue is a big part of how it works.

Not everything I sell is recurring, of course. People buy one-off courses all the time, then a percentage of them upgrade into THE LAB.

So, every day, I have rebillings take place. Some days more than others. And, every day, there’s at least a few one-time sales. All of it adds up to a somewhat steady flow of revenue into the business.

The FRAMEWORK to do this is simply a membership site. A membership site which offers both one-time sales as well as a monthly membership model.

But, the site alone won’t do all the work. To fuel it, you need new incoming leads and you need email automation.

So, I have several different lead magnets out there. And each one has an automated email sequence that goes out. And each email sequence eventually leads to something to buy. And depending on where the person is in the funnel, they’ll potentially become a Lab member.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m making millions doing this. I know a lot of “gurus” who try to come off that way and it’s honestly a bit revolting. I’m just a dude who travels alot in my motorhome with his family. And, for me, “rich” means being able to travel my butt off for 5 months. 🙂 “Rich” is about lifestyle, not bank account size.

Anyway, this business model works. It was built up over time, of course. But, in the end, it is simply email automation coupled with a membership site. Boom. Period. Simple.

And you wanna know the interesting thing?

Get this…

I have not published a new blog post in almost 3 months.

Yeah, I said it. 3 months.

So, if you think blogging is your business model… heh…. not even close.

Now, yes, I have a massive new blog post in the pipeline. It is almost done… and it’s a major flagship post. It’ll be published soon. But, point is… I haven’t published anything new this entire time I’ve been out in my motorhome.

So, the “secret” isn’t really any secret. It is just about focusing on what really matters.

Blogging wouldn’t have paid for this trip we’re on. What DID was offering a great value via my membership site and building email automations to fuel it.

Now, given all that, I’d be dropping the ball not to mention that I’ve created some training to show you exactly how this is all done.

For building your membership site framework, I have the Membership Site Blueprint. Here’s a secret link to shortcut into one of my funnels so you can grab it for just $20 if you want.

For help assembling your sales funnel, I’ve got the Blog Profit Funnel training. Here’s another secret link to grab that one at a discount.

Lastly, for the email automation, the latest course in the Lab is called Email Marketing Engine. This course is not available standalone at this time, so the only way to get it is to become a Lab Member. Of course, if you become a member, you gain access to the whole dang library, so that’s always the better way.

Now… one more thing…

Recurring revenue and automation. So awesome. But… is that everything? Can you set it and forget it?

What happens when you “check out” from business and do the bare minimum for almost 3 months? Does revenue just keep on truckin’? Or does it dip?

In my next issue, let’s talk about that one. Cuz, automation is awesome. But, nothing is totally passive.

See ya on my next issue. Likely on Thursday, but we’re in “travel mode” now and truckin’ back to Florida. So, I’ll send it out when I’ve got some solid wifi.

– David

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