Issue #198

When things didn’t work…

A lot of the internet marketer “guru” types out there put off this impression that their business only goes one direction: UP. Revenue is always increasing and things are just freakin’ awesome… all the time.


But, let’s be real. That isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, the things we do just don’t work as well as we want. And sometimes, even established businesses will see declines in statistics.

Sometimes, it might feel that no matter what we do, things just stay flatlined.

This is the part of business (and even starting new businesses) that we all know happens, but few will talk about it because they don’t want to admit that sometimes, they see declines, too.

Now, the WORSE part of seeing flatlined or declining statistics is not knowing what to do about it. It makes you feel like you have no control… like everything is a matter of luck.

But, it isn’t.

See, no matter what phase your online business is in (just starting out or already established), there are certain skills of MANAGEMENT that go into it. Executive management.

There are certain basic things we should be doing in terms of tracking and statistics… and then certain things we can DO whenever we see flatlined or declining stats.

It isn’t nearly as mysterious as one might think.

And all this brings me to letting you know about the next LAB LIVE WORKSHOP that I will be doing for all Lab members on Tuesday, October 9th.

Reversing The Slide: Debugging A Shrinking Online Business

In this workshop for Lab members, we’ll be talking about solutions to the flat-lined or dwindling online business. What should you, as the business owner, be doing? What needs to change? What’s the mindset you should have?

This workshop will talk about how to MANAGE your business as the owner and executive… not simply as the person doing all the work day to day.

If you’ve been working on your blog and business for awhile but feel as if growth has stalled, then this workshop is for you.

If your business is established already, but you’ve seen declines and you wonder what to do about it, then this is for you.

We’re going to go over some basic business management ideas… then cover some actual broad-level ACTIONS you can do depending on what your stats are telling you.

If you’re already a Lab member, then just be in the Live Training Room on October 9th. As usual, we’ll be recording it all and transcribing it.

If you’re not yet a Lab member, join us today. Get started with all that the Lab offers, and then join us on the 9th.

Who knows… this one could end up turning into a two-parter. There’s a lot to talk about, now that I think about it.

And I’m freakin’ ready. Traveling for so long, I haven’t done a workshop for a few months. So, I’m ready to rock this. 🙂

– David

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