Issue #258

Will others be interested in what you have to say?

Will Others Care About What You Write?

I got a question in from one of the Edge readers named Audrey. 🙂 That question was…

“I want to write about a subject I am passionate about and at the same time, help people who will relate. How do I know others will have interest in what I want to share with them? I feel there would be interest but is there a way to be more confident? I have searched the web for info I want to share and since I couldn’t find anything, I think my content would be worthy. How can I figure it out?”

Simple answer = you won’t.

There’s no reliable way to 100% remove all doubt about whether people will care about what you’ve got to say before you actually say it. The only solution is to…. say it and see what happens.

You can look for indicators, of course. For instance, if you do keyword research, you can see what people are searching for. If you go use a tool like BuzzSumo to see what’s working on social media for your main keywords, you can see if people are diggin’ that kind of stuff.

So, there ARE indicators. However, even with positive indicators of those things, that doesn’t mean that what YOU produce is going to immediately land and gain footing. You have to actually produce it and put it out there. Then, you’ve got the matter of actually promoting that content so that people see it at all so that you can even see if there’s an interest.

There’s no guarantees.

First of all, I would suggest you decide what your ultimate goal is. Here at the Blog Marketing Academy, I primarily focus on people who are looking to build and grow an online business around their blogs. That means, you intend to sell something. Now, if THAT is your goal, then I walk people through a pretty specific process of testing out your idea before you even start blogging.

Both in the LAB’s Online Business Roadmap as well as the Business Building Bootcamp, I walk you through a process of testing an idea (by way of a real offer) before you ever start blogging.

If you follow that process, then confidence on whether people will care about your content isn’t a problem at all. You’ll know fully well, and by the time you start that blog you’ll know you’re doing it in a direction that will generate an income for you.

Now, if making money isn’t really the main purpose here and you just want to share on a topic you’re passionate about regardless of income, then I think a way to test things out might be to begin blogging on Medium. Put out one or two good, solid pieces out there on Medium. See about using any available option to get the word out about that post. And then see what happens.

If you gain some traction on Medium, then you can go ahead and buy a domain, set up Wordpress, and have yourself a blog homebase.

Medium makes a great place to distribute content without the hassle of building your own blog. And if content distribution is really your main goal, then that works perfectly fine.

Keep in mind with all of this…

Nothing new you’ll ever start contains zero risk. If people were looking for guarantees of success on every little thing they did, we’d have no advanced society at all.

But, your risk in terms of content creation is pretty much nothing. The worst that could happen is that you write something and barely anybody sees it. But, you know what… life goes on. Nobody dies. Pretty much nothing bad happens. So, why try to get guarantees like that first?

You’ve got the passion to share something. So, do it. And see where it takes you.

Do you have ANY question you’d like me to address? Just Ask BMA. 🙂 In the words of Frasier Crane, I’m listening. 🙂 (And yes, we’re sorta binge-watching Frasier re-runs here at home. Haha. 😉 )


– David

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