The Online Business Roadmap: An Update From Inside The Lab

We recently hit a milestone with our progress on the Online Business Roadmap inside The Lab. This video is an update on the project and an inside look.

We recently hit a milestone with our progress on the Online Business Roadmap inside The Lab. This video is an update on the project and an inside look.

The Blog Marketing Academy started back in 2008. It wasn’t called that then (it was just, but that’s when the site began.

And my first course was called Blog Masters Club.

That course did pretty well on it’s first launch, and I went on to create several other courses that would become part of The Academy.

Several years later, I decided to simplify things into a single program. Instead of selling a bunch of different training courses separately, I wanted to make things simpler. Not only on my students, but on me.

It started as the “Inner Circle”, but evolved into The Lab.

As the Lab grew, the training library grew. Soon, there were over 20 courses inside the Lab Course Library.

But, it led to a problem…

Periodically, I would get Lab members getting confused on where to begin. They’d wonder what they should do next. And they’d continue to get distracted by shiny objects.

This was (and is) and issue I see across the entire field of online marketing training.

So many people looking to start and build an online business or monetize their blogs… but they remain overwhelmed and confused despite all the training and help available (both from me as well as many other people in the industry).

Something was wrong. Clearly.

Is that the customer’s fault? Are they just lazy? Are they a “wantapreneur”?

To some, the answer was yes.

I know this for a fact because I have hung out with my share of people from the online marketing world. Many times I’d hear them lament about people who didn’t get results from their training. But, too often, the answer seemed to be that it was the fault of the customer.

But, screw that! It’s a cop out.

The way I see it, if your customers are not getting the results from your training in the ratio you believe they should, that’s your fault.

You figure out what you can to to make it easier.

In the case of The Lab, I needed to figure out how to solve the problem of overwhelm. I needed to provide a sequence. I needed to provide an order to the ever-growing training library we have inside The Lab.

It started out with what I called the “Blueprints”.

I created a few of them then decided that wasn’t the best approach. I needed something more global otherwise it would be too complicated.

The result turned into The Roadmap. And this is what it looks like:

There are 5 phases to this Roadmap, designed to take you from absolute zero to a business of the same caliber as the “gurus”.

The video above will give a more full breakdown – and an inside look at what it looks like inside the Lab.

Also, The Roadmap is an interactive experience.

The best online training in the world is still incomplete if not backed up with support.

And my goal with The Lab is to get as close to a group coaching program as I can get without charging people for what such a thing would actually cost.

Built into The Roadmap are multiple “check points” where my students will report back how things are going.

Plus, there are multiple locations where students are asked to seek feedback on things like a lead magnet, landing page, etc. The whole idea is so that my students never feel as if they’re alone. Sometimes having the instructor there to guide you along personally is the perfect complement to do-it-yourself training.

Coupled with The Lab Community, the Member Feedback System and the Office Hours, Lab members have all the support resources they need.

Quite frankly, the only way a Lab member could feel like they’re on their own with all this is if you’re trying to hide and ignoring us. 🙂

Late last week, we reached a milestone in this massive project of The Roadmap.

Watch the video above for the full look.

Joining The Lab gets you immediate access to…

  • The Academy Lab Training Library. 24 full training courses (with more coming all the time), all in one place, so you can stop feeling like you always have to buy something else.
  • The Online Business Roadmap. Get led by the hand on starting your business from scratch by David, almost as if he’s coaching you personally. Always know what to do next, when and in what order.
  • Office Hours Sessions. You’ll have the ability to get live help from David, so you’ll never feel like you’re alone.
  • The Lab Community Forums. Find like-minded, supportive friends who are working on their businesses just as you are. Get help when you need it, 24/7, without waiting for the next office hours.
  • Member Feedback System. Get private, 1-on-1 feedback from David on parts of your business. Like having a personal mentor to help you when you need it… so you’ll never feel alone in your ideas.

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And, if you have any questions about The Lab or this Roadmap, you can smack this button and take the conversation into Facebook Messenger. Ask away and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!