As you guys are well aware, I am here to help people stay out of the cubicle prison by showing them the systems to create a flexible, stable online business.

And, in my case, blogging happens to play a super big role in that.

In order to have a shot in this game, you’re going to need certain tools.

Just like a carpenter needs his toolbox to perform his job, an online entrepreneur needs certain tools, too.

If you don’t have those tools, it would be like a carpenter trying to complete a job without a hammer, or without a saw. The resulting work is going to be… not so good. 🙂

So, what tools do you need? Besides a computer and an internet connection (obviously)…

Sure, there are options for each of these tools.

For example, there are other platforms besides Wordpress… it just so happens that Wordpress is the best.

There are always multiple options, but the thing you have to keep in mind is to get the one that YOU can use, and the one that saves you TIME (the most important asset you’ve got).

The carpenter could saw a board of wood with a nail file, but it would take him FOREVER. And it will look pretty stupid. 🙂

A good solid saw will get the job done better and easier.

And, so it goes in our world.

So, when it comes to creating landing pages (these are the pages you MUST be using in order to get people to DO anything, whether it be to subscribe, to buy… anything), there are options. Hell, you could even do it totally manually using Wordpress…

… but that would be like sawing through a 2×4 with a nail file.

Wordpress wasn’t originally designed with that in mind. There are themes and plug-ins to make it easier, but they each come with their own headaches.

This is why I’ve been recommending Ten Minute Pages.

It is the new kid on the block. It is the most powerful solution out there. It makes child’s play out of creating any kind of landing page you’ll need.

As of today, there is no better option – no easier option – than Ten Minute Pages.

Haven’t yet seen what Ten Minutes Pages can do? Watch this video.

I recommend it because of its simplicity.

Simple power.

Sure, the first landing page you create might take you more than ten minutes. But, once you get the first one, you’ll be able to create landing pages in no time.

You’ll be in a position where, all of a sudden, creating landing pages is easy. The techie part of it will no longer be a concern.

So, let your entrepreneur imagination run wild. Come up with an idea and DO IT.

And, if you want the security of having it all inside of Wordpress, Ten Minute Pages does have the ability (via a plug-in) to interact with Wordpress.



If you have ANY questions (and I mean “any”) about this software, the creator of it (and a good personal friend of mine for several years) is going to be holding a marathon webcast tomorrow.

He’ll begin at 4PM Eastern, and he’s going to go for as long as it takes.

Now, this is the final stretch of Kyle’s official launch window, so after Kyle goes off the air here, he’s going to be shutting down Ten Minute Pages within a short while so that he can go ensure his systems are standing up to the load of all the new traffic.

Oh, and he’s going to have guests. And, supposedly, I may be one of them. 🙂

Click Here To Sign Up And Attend This Free Webcast

A few reminders…

(1) There are now payment plans available on the enhanced packages, making it MUCH easier to afford.

(2) The starter plan is BACK! This is an AWESOME option for those of you guys who are bootstrapping, but could really use all that 10MP can do for your business.

HINT: Ten Minute Pages is cheaper than most of the competing products you may be aware of.

(3) He has Paypal as an option. He didn’t have this before, and I know from experience that many prefer to use Paypal.


So, go grab your copy of Ten Minute Pages.

One last word….



  • If you sign up for Kyle’s “Starter” plan, we will “comp” you into our Academy Tech Workshop (opens in new window). This is your opportunity to have ME help you with your technical constraints on your blogging. Usually sells for $249. You’ll get it for free.
  • If you sign up for one of Kyle’s premium or ultimate packages, we will ALSO follow up with you to schedule a pivate, 1-on-1 consulting call between you and I. I can help you strategize some things for your business.


OK, so there’s the deal…

Grab Your Copy of Ten Minute Pages now.

I want to enable my readers to ACT on the advice I talk about on my site. To do that, you need the tools. This is a damn good one.

Talk soon,
David Risley

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