Optimizepress Review – After Using It On Two Sites

It is rare when I see a Wordpress theme that actually gets me excited. One such theme I've been using lately is OptimizePress. Now, by now, you may have heard about it. I've mentioned it before in a post about product launch platforms, and others have talked about it as well. But, since I originally mentioned it, I have a lot more personal experience with this theme. As I said on my Toolbox page, I frickin LOVE this theme. And here's why...

It is rare when I see a Wordpress theme that actually gets me excited. One such theme I’ve been using lately is OptimizePress.

By now, you may have heard about it. I’ve mentioned it before in a post about product launch platforms, and others have talked about it as well. But, since I originally mentioned it, I have a lot more personal experience with this theme.

As I said on my Toolbox page, I frickin LOVE this theme. And here’s why…

Using Optimizepress For Blog Masters Club

Since I originally mentioned it, I have used OptimizePress in two major places:

  • The relaunch of Blog Masters Club
  • The membership area of the Inner Circle

For those of you who recently rode out the Blog Masters relaunch with me…. that’s right, that entire thing was done on top of OptimizePress. The Blueprint opt-in page was customized, however every other page of the launch funnel was default Optimizepress.

Screen shot 2011-01-21 at 7.37.50 PM.pngThe Blueprint Download Page Screen shot 2011-01-21 at 7.38.44 PM.pngThe Blueprint Training Video Page

All I had to do was add in a header, type up the text, give it the link to my video, and – BAM! – everything else was done.

And this is more than a theme, because OP also took care of several typical hassles that often go with setting up a launch funnel:

  • It automatically set up the navigation to the different pages of the funnel, and kept them inactive until such time as I told them to go live.
  • It automatically protected pages of the funnel and, if the person had not already opted into my list, it kicked them back to the opt-in.
  • It automatically took care of having a mobile-friendly video player that worked on the iPhone and iPad.
  • It automatically took care of Facebook integrated comments.

And with all that, it actually made me look good. 🙂 My design skills aren’t that great. and it would have been fairly expensive to have my designer do all this himself.

OptimizePress saved me TONS of time and money when it came to setting up that launch funnel. I had a project set up inside of Basecamp to get all this stuff set up with my designer. The day I found OptimizePress, I told him I was evaluating it. When he saw it, he told me – use that. IT did everything and saved us both a LOT of time and hassle.

Not only that, but OptimizePress is what is going to allow me to turn Blog Masters into a perpetual launch. Once it is fully set up, any time a person opts in for the Blueprint report, it will automatically take them through the launch process in a timed manner – even though I’m not in “launch mode”.

Just fantastic.

Using OptimizePress For the Inner Circle

OP does a lot more than just launch funnels. It also allows you to set up a full membership site. To clarify one point, OP will take care of all the design stuff for your membership site, but it does NOT perform the actual protection of your membership site. For that, you will still need something like Wishlist Member.

So, I used OP to completely re-design the inside of the Inner Circle. Here’s a screenshot of the new membership dashboard…

Screen shot 2011-01-21 at 7.48.41 PM.png

I’m loving how professional I can make things without doing any work. For example, creating nicely designed alert boxes is as simple as using a little OptimizePress shortcode and plopping a little text into it. Done.

The Value In Using OptimizePress (Pay Attention…)

This is a lot more than a Wordpress theme. OP isn’t the kind of theme you would likely use for your blog. What it is used for is quickly and easily bringing products to market and looking GOOD in the process. You would use it for…

  • Sales letters
  • Membership portals
  • Documentation portals
  • Blogs (it has a blog template built-in, too, although it isn’t super flexible yet)
  • Squeeze pages

So, if you want to have a professional looking sales letter for your ebook or membership site, use OptimizePress. You’ll look like you used a professional designer, but you didn’t.

If you want to have a great looking squeeze page to build your email list, use OptimizePress.

If you want to build a professional membership site portal, use OptimizePress.

You guys know that I’m all about the idea of selling your own products from your blog. Well, OP removes a LOT of the usual hassle in bringing that product to market and not being embarrassed by the design of your page. The good thing, too, is that OP is flexible enough where you don’t have to run the risk of looking just like every other site out there which uses OP. All the colors are controllable and you control your header.

David, You’re Drooling, Dude. Stop It!

Yeah, I probably sound as if I’m just gushing over this theme. But, my excitement about it is very sincere. I’ve already used it with two products, and I plan to use it for several more. Plus, you can buy it once and use it on several of your sites with a single license. Nice.

Also, in terms of support, James is all over it. Even in the short time it took me to set up the Blog Masters launch funnel, the guy released TWO updates to OP. So, this thing keeps getting better.

If you’re serious about making money in this business, I consider OptimizePress a true no-brainer. Yes, I’m an affiliate. But, I’m also a customer and a very happy one.

I encourage you to grab your copy of this theme. It is a true Swiss-Army knife to have in your online business arsenal. Stay tuned, too, because next week I’ll have a video for you where I’ll take you inside of my own installations of OP.


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  1. Hi David, i’m planning to build an information niche site on joint pain with the aim of selling a joint product. Will OP be suitable or just any wordpress theme is fine?

  2. PS: For some reasons all your sign-up fields that I tried to sign-up for your tips and webinar didn´t load. I couldn´t sign-up. Just to let you know. Or maybe it´s my laptop… overload of too many windows open?
    By the way, is this site build on optimize-press?
    PS: I later would like to create sales, landing and membership pages, too. Does it matter which blog theme/frame I choose when I later want to use optimize press with it?
    Thanks again!

  3. You wrote that optimize press isn´t the site you would likely use for a blog. I want to launch my blog, with a sub-domain connected to my website, and am trying to determine the best wordpress theme for my needs. I want to promote my brand and my new book via my blog. I also want to recommend books and cd´s pertaining to my topics (Live your Best Life / and Frank Sinatra ). I will need sign-up fields for a free gift (list building) and for pre-ordering my book. Social Media sharing buttons, search bar. I want to use my websites branding (color scheme, logo, fonts, similar pics) on my blog, and wonder also on which theme (or frame? don´t know the difference) that would be easy to do for my freelance wordpress programmer. Thanks for your recommendation and help! Best, Anja

  4. I share your enthusiasm David. It’s no exaggeration to say Optimize Press changed my marketing life & that of my clients forever!

  5. hey there,
    I would like to use the facebook connect button in optimizepress but dont see how to implement it. I was looking at wpsubscribers to do this and integrrate with optimizepress. Can it be done?

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