How To Embed Scarcity Countdowns on Wordpress, Using Page Expiration Robot

A powerful and flexible countdown timer for scarcity-based marketing with Wordpress. Also, a full comparison with Scarcity Samurai.


This is Day 28 of the 30 Days, 30 Killer Wordpress Plug-ins Series.

As we’ve already covered in this series with our discussion of Scarcity Samurai, scarcity works in marketing. And displaying a nice countdown timer on your sales page can work wonders when it comes to conversions.

The Scarcity Samurai plug-in is a more recent contender to the scene. Before that, one of the most popular options was Page Expiration Robot.

Essentially, the two plug-ins do the same thing – but in a slightly different way. And I do mean “slightly”.

One of the biggest differences is the price point. As of this writing, you can pick up a multi-site license for Page Expiration Robot for only $27, whereas Scarcity Samurai goes for the higher point of $97, or $197 for multi-site. So, the price is significantly higher.

Another difference is that Page Expiration Robot is primarily about displaying in-content timers and redirecting people accordingly. You also have more control over the way the timer looks. With Samurai, the more recent versions can do in-content timers, however the plug-in is most recognizable for those big timer banners in the header and footer of your site.


I also think Page Expiration Robot happens to be a little easier to use. Samurai forces you to set up a “campaign” first, whereas Robot just has the settings on each individual page. Robot just seems more intuitive.

But, here’s another big difference…

Page Expiration Robot also comes with a stand-alone version, meaning you are NOT required to use it only on Wordpress pages. Robot can operate as a separate script, and when you set up the timer, you will get some IFRAME code which you can then use on any page – even standard HTML pages.

Personally, I own both plug-ins. There are times where I want the big “in your face” banners that Scarcity Samurai uses, and there are other times when I like the more subdued ones and additional flexibility of Page Expiration Robot.

Page Expiration Robot comes in a limited free version. As I said, the paid version is only $27 and gives you a lot more capability, so it is certainly worth the money. Click here to check out the full options.


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